Holiday Hacks to De-Stress Your Holidays

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I almost cringe when I open up my calendar app on my smartphone during the holidays but believe it or not it’s my smartphone that helps me stay on track and keep my sanity. I wanted to share with you a few holiday hacks that I use to help de-stress my schedule during the holidays. Use some of these strategies to simplify your life – and feel free to share any holiday hacks for keeping life simpler that you use!

Holiday Hacks to De-Stress Your Holidays

*Screenshot Travel Directions! 

Using your GPS on your mobile phone can eat up your battery – especially on long trips! Screenshot your directions and give your phone a break to charge up! Plus if you’re on a mobile plan that does not have unlimited data this will help a lot!

*Take a Photo of WHERE You’ve Parked!

This may sound silly but I KNOW I’m not the only one who constantly loses her car in a parking lot! Seriously – I need to buy one of those silly GPS units just to track my van! Store parking lots are packed during the holidays – snap a quick photo of where you’ve parked your car, the level you left it on in a parking garage, markers near your vehicle, etc.

*Scan or Photograph Itineraries & Travel Documents

Inevitably I lose an important document or can’t pull up my mobile network when I need it. I have learned from some unfortunate situations to take a photo of my itineraries and important travel documents. Sometimes I scan them and e-mail them to myself or take a screenshot of my e-mail and then just delete it after I’ve traveled. If you’re ever in a sticky situation you’ll be glad you did!

*Set Phone Boundaries with your Kids BEFORE it’s a Problem!

Set boundaries with phone usage and gaming BEFORE it becomes a problem! With the holidays being so busy it’s very easy to overlook things until it is a problem so make sure you set your rules down with your kids before the season hits in full swing!

*Charge your Phone on Airplane Mode

Why you ask? Because doing this shuts down apps from running so that you can charge your phone quicker! That way if you’re on the run or doing errands you’ll maximize your speedy charging!

*Use the Google Keep app or iOS Reminders feature!

Holidays ironically usually mean that I’m home LESS which means I forget MORE! Use the Google Keep app or the Reminders feature for iOS users to notify you with a sound when you’re near a specific location. That way you won’t forget to do all of those errands when you’re out running around. No more forgetting to stop in at the pet store, party store, or grocery store when you’re out!

*Use a List App or Take Pics of your Pantry!

This is SUCH an important one for me – even when it’s not the holiday season! I constantly keep several running lists on my smartphone to help me keep track of what I need at the grocery store. I also take photos of book sets that we already own so I know what books not to buy at my thrift store! You can take pics of your pantry so you can refer back to it at the grocery store.


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