Rock ‘N Learn’s Sight Words DVD Review & Giveaway

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Rock ‘N Learn has a great new DVD out called Sight Words. If you’re not already familiar with Rock ‘N Learn products they are great brightly colored DVD’s (apps and CD’s too!) that teach educational subjects by singing catchy tunes with fun characters. You can find everything from Phonics, Telling Time, math, science, and many more subjects for your kids to get up and dance as they are learning. We have the Phonics DVD as well and love it! Kids tend to learn quicker and easier when their work is put to a song, and Rock ‘N Learn has done a great job at combining educational learning with fun catchy tunes.
To develop their new DVD, Sight Words, Rock ‘N Learn worked with actual classroom teachers who had a combined experience of 50+ years teaching, so they knew what worked well with kids when learning sight words. One thing I noticed right away as we started watching Sight Words is that the sight words were not only listed on the screen so that the children could visually see them, but that the action the word was describing was being played out when appropriate. For example, about you see the fun robot. He was singing about going UP and DOWN, and as he went UP and DOWN not only were the words displayed on the screen but he also went up and down as well in conjunction with the appropriate word. It helps to reinforce not only the visual appearance of the word but the meaning as well.

Rock ‘N Learn’s Sight Words DVD covers more than 60 beginning sight words! I noticed the more we watched our Phonics DVD the more I would hear the kids singing them as we were out and about. I’m sure it will be the same way with our Sight Words DVD! My four year old does know how to read, but he could certainly use help on some of his sight words – so I’m very excited for him to have this DVD available. And below you can see even my 2 year old, who doesn’t even know letters, is capitvated by the fun and brightly colored characters on the screen!  

Sight Words Covered:
  • up • down • come • go • in • out
  • of • the • a
  • where • is • it • here • there
  • one • two • three • red • yellow • blue • little • big
  • look • see • find
  • run • jump • play • away • and
  • you • I • we • can • make • funny • face • get
  • to • for • me • my • give • from • came • as • are
  • no • not • now • said • help • will
  • he • she • his • her • they • that • was • with • on

Bonus Sections:
  • Word Shapes
  • Pronouncing t-h-e

Sight Words is geared for Pre-K and up, but if you have a student or child learning English as their second language this would be a great help to a child of any age. As with all other Rock ‘N Learn products I’ve viewed I love their new Sight Words DVD! I definitely recommend it as not only visual entertainment for your kids but most importantly educational entertainment. Here is a little video clip from the beginning of this DVD:
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PLUS you can download FREE study materials at:
Rock ‘N Learn has offered one of my readers to win their choice of ANY of their DVD’s or CD’s!!

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  2. I like the Pre-K and kindergarten one . Also the colors, shapes and counting one.

    amhengst at verizon dot net

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    I really like the Sight Words DVD. My kids at school would love this!

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  6. Donna Grosser says:

    Phonics Volume 2 and Sight Words

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    I like the color, shapes & counting

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  9. I would love to have the Site Word dvd for my son and my class. 🙂

  10. I have a son who is struggling to read… I think this would be great for him to share with his little brother… he could "help teach" him.That being said I would love any of the reading DVD's they had!

    Tmgjmb at aol dot com

  11. I would love the pre-kindergarten or letters one for my 2 year old!

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    Laurie Adams
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    States and Capitols Rap
    Gladys P
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    The Sight Words would be perfect for my Kindergartener! The Alphabet Exercise would be fun too, though… 🙂

  16. A (Daily) Woman says:

    Physical Science or Read Along Stories.

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    i would love to have the alphabet exercise one.. i know my kids would have a blast watching it..


  18. dsrtroses says:

    I'd love to win the Sight Word DVD to use with my low income ELL students!

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    I have the addition rap and LOVE it!!! However, it is a little too advanced for my group this year. I'm dying to get the letter sounds and get ready for kindergarten. And of course I want the sight words one!

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