Mixing Gas with Liquids – a Hands-on Learning Lesson

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This is truly a unique learning lesson for kids to have fun with! My husband’s 2nd grade students have been learning about mixing liquids and they just approached the topic of mixing gas with liquids. We are fortunate enough to own a Soda Stream (little machine to make your own soda) so my husband wanted his kids to have a little extra hands-on fun with this learning lesson!

First, he had the kids each pour water in small Dixie cups and taste it. It tasted like, well …… water. Nothing exciting.

The kids still looked fairly bored until he pulled out our soda machine from his school bag! They started to look a little more interested! You see in the back of this soda machine is a small carbonation tank that pumps gas into the water – therefore making a carbonated beverage. My husband then walked around the room talking about how he just added a gas to the water and asked each child to taste it (after pouring it in their Dixie cups). EEEEWWWW! Most of the kids thought it tasted horrible! He explained that it was soda water. 

THEN – he pulled out a bottle of syrup from his school bag. He knew, of course, this syrup was the special soda syrup we use to make our sodas. He then asked the kids what would happen if he poured this syrup (a liquid!) into the carbonated soda water – the kids didn’t want to try it. After already having a bad taste from the soda water they certainly did not want syrup in their cups too!! So my husband added the syrup into the bottle of carbonated water (first it was a gas with a liquid mixed, now it is a liquid mixed with a gas/liquid solution) and then poured a small amount in each of the children’s cups.

They were VERY reluctant to try it out but once one kid tried it – everyone else quickly gulped down their little cups of….SODA!! I understand that not everyone can offer this type of learning as soda machines are a bit harder to come by but if you have access to one it makes a fantastic learning lesson!

**In case you’re wondering why the children’s faces are swirled out it’s because there is a specific privacy policy at my husband’s school which prevents us from using pictures with children’s faces in it. SO faces have been swirled to protect the innocent. 🙂 **

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