Play-Doh Beach Party! Simple ideas for Creativity with Kids!

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While at BlogHer I met the lovely ladies who work on the Play-Doh brand (buy Play-Doh here!) and they handed me a fun brightly colored flip book which was filled with extremely simple ideas to teach kids how to make fun Play-Doh shapes.
Online they have a section called Play-Doh PlayDates and it shows you how to make classroom items, ice cream, breakfast items, picnics, and a beach party -all out of Play-Doh! And the steps are SO simple my four year old can do them himself!!
So yesterday we sat down and decided to make some of the Beach Party ideas! Above you can see that our first mission, was to create a dolphin! The booklet we received (you can also find directions on the PlayDates site!) had three simple steps for a dolphin – check it out below!! My son was SO proud of himself that he was actually able to make this creation!!


Next came the seagull. Again, three simple steps that can be done be any preschooler!! We didn’t have any white Play-Doh so our seagull was multi-colored! 


Wouldn’t it be interesting if seagulls really WERE green and yellow colored?!?!


The next item we made was the life preserver. There is also a beach chair that you can make but my son’s attention span didn’t last quite that long 🙂 Again, three very simple steps to make a life preserver!
These ideas are SO cute and extremely easy to do. Sitting down to do this with your preschooler is a lot of fun because they can really make some fantastic creations and be proud of the fact that they were able to do it themselves!



 VOILA! Three very simple beach items out of Play-Doh!!
Make sure you check out the Play-Doh PlayDates site for some fun back to school ideas like how to make a milk carton, chalk and eraser, globe, and desk!!

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    This was one of my favorite swag items for my kids. I am planning on sitting down with them soon for a playdough party!

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