Math Slam by Educational Insights Review

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Math Slam, an electronic math game by Educational Insights, is geared for children ages 6-11. This is a game kids can play themselves, and compete against themselves too! Each round in the game has 10 math questions- read the question, look at the multiple choices available, and SLAM the correct answer! What I really love about this game, is that if you get an answer wrong, it will be recycled and asked again until you get it correct. So even if the kids are just guessing at the answer, eventually they will have to learn the right one to finish the game! The 10 math questions are timed, so you can try to get a better score each time you play!



School starts for us on Monday, so my husband will be taking our Math Slam! to his 2nd grade class this year to see how well it does in the classroom. I’ll keep you teachers updated on how this works, but there IS a spot for headphones as well as a volume dial so that although the kids may be a bit distracting slamming answers if they get too crazy, the electronic sound will be in the headphones only. This is actually of great benefit in the car for us when my son wants to play it so that we don’t have to hear the ticking sounds going on!!
The large colored circles you see are actually buttons, and inside each button is an LCD screen where the answers will be displayed. At the very top of the Math Slam! you see five grey buttons- each button corresponds with a particular game. So it is very simply to switch from game to game without having to learn different menu options. The buttons which display the answers are not touchy, you can’t just slap at them and make them press which actually is sort of nice because then your kids can’t get too crazy slamming the machine!! You have to press the button down pretty good to make it work, but it’s ok.



There are four different levels, and five different math games which you can play on your Math Slam!
 There is:
Slam it Up (number order)
Sum Slam (addition)
Subtraction Slam (subtraction)
Mystery Number (algebraic addition)
Triple Slam (triple addition and subtraction)


Look how excited my son gets when he answers one right! Although he is younger than the stated age for this product he does know how to do simple addition so he has been able to use the Math Slam! for one of the games. I love knowing that the incorrect answers are recycled because he will just keep getting that question until he gets it right. This is a great way to reinforce that they are actually learning and not just guessing at answers. The machine itself is built like a rock and looks as if it will last a very long time! My 2 and 4 year old have given it a decent beating and you can’t really tell! I also like that you can plug in headphones because no offense but sometimes electronic machines and toys can get quite annoying – especially on long car rides or if your kids leave them on in the house and you can’t find them to turn them off!! We LOVE Educational Insights products and this one is no different! Great quality and highly educational!


Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I received a game to try in order to form my own opinions. All opinions are 100% mine.

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