Peek-a-boo Groundhog Day Craft for Kids

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This Groundhog Day Craft was so fun to make! If you have younger children you’ll definitely need to help them with the pine cone hill. First we gathered a basket full of pine cones from our local park. The kids had a blast “hunting” for pine cones! Then we printed a groundhog printable off of the internet. You can print the groundhog we  used here


Next we colored our groundhogs! I also used large googly eyes and glued them over the groundhog’s eyes to add a little bit of character to him! Then you’ll need to cut out your groundhog. 


For some added support I cut out a strip of cardboard from a leftover box we had and used a glue stick to attach it onto the back of our groundhog.


 This is where the tricky part comes in!! You’ll need your hot glue gun for this. Originally I wanted to build my pine cones into a circle and create a more realistic hill but just stacking them like this took a long time! I did not glue the bottom row together. I put two pine cones side by side and hot glued a pine cone on top of them to form a small tower of 3. Then I added one more on the side of the bottom row and continued from there. Keep working and using the hot glue to attach the pine cones into whatever type of tower or pile that you would like.


We then glued the all of our family’s groundhogs onto the back of the pine cone pile so that they were “peeking” out of the hill!


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