pediped Ultra Lite Technology Shoes Review

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We recently had the opportunity to learn more about pediped’s Ultra Lite Technology in their kids shoes which was perfect since it is getting colder here and my kindergartner needed some new shoes! We are used to wearing sandals only until my son started elementary school and now we’re up in Iowa and it’s getting colder.

Believe it or not I was concerned at how tired he would be from wearing heavy sneakers since he’s used to flip flops. The Ultra Lite sneakers are perfect! Now I have to tell you, my son is really weird about wearing sneakers because he says they hug his feet too tight so I was a little nervous about receiving these before my son tried them on. I printed out pediped’s sizing chart and had my sized my son’s feet before requesting our size. When I received them in the mail the box they came in made me so happy!

It had decorative wrapping that really made me feel like these were a very special purchase. Not to mention that I just said WOW when I opened the box because they were SO stylish! We all just LOVE the colors and style! (orange is a family favorite!)

These particular Saturn shoes that we received  feature flex grooves that provide maximum flexibility, a breathable mesh upper that allows for airflow and a heel cushion that protects against impact and distributes pressure evenly. Plus it sports an all natural rubber sole AND most importantly  they are machine washable! A HUGE plus for me since my boys are 100% dirt-driven!

I was thrilled to find that my son’s shoes fit perfectly! In fact they even came with a little insert so that the shoes can grow with my son called the Flex Fit System. I can add the inserts if the shoes are a little too big, and pull them out if the shoes are getting too small.

I liked knowing they would last that much longer while my son’s feet grow – and let me tell you his feet grow FAST! He’s 5 years old and we’re pushing a size 1 in the boys section. These pediped shoes he is wearing is a size 32. (so make sure you sure the sizing chart to measure correctly!)

These shoes are great for more than just going to school of course! I’m very happy knowing that my son has good quality shoes to wear anywhere we are – hiking, running errands, and wherever our adventures take us.

My son LOVES them! They aren’t too tight, and after wearing them all day at school he didn’t even rip his shoes off right away like he normally does. I’m a big believer in buying quality products where it matters and good sturdy kids shoes for school is a must.

Not only is the school day long for a kid but having the right shoes will help him not be so tired too. I am a HUGE fan of pediped shoes and love the quality shoes that they offer. There are plenty of other pediped styles for ages 0-7. Interested in athletic shoes? See what Major League Baseball player Tom Glavine says about the shoes!

Disclosure: I received the above product to use in order to form my own opinions. All opinions are my own. This review opportunity is presented by Mami Innovative Media and on behalf of Pediped Footwear.

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