Paint a Ladybug Rock!

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Here’s a fun & easy craft idea for kids & adults! This is a super inexpensive craft to do in a classroom as well! All you will need is paint (acrylic works best), a paintbrush to use, and a rock!! It’s pretty self-explanatory but find a rock- flat ones are easiest to paint on for the kiddos. Paint it all red, then paint on a black head & black spots when it dries!

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  1. Alicia C. says:

    An impermanant variation on this was something I did when I was a kid. Our neighbor had a rock garden, filled with all kids of little rocks (about +/- 2" in diameter.) She woulds send us outside, each with our own cup pf water and set of cheap watercolors. We'd spend hours painting those rocks and, after a good rain, we had clean canvasses for next time!

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