Our Adventure to Seven Falls in Colorado Springs

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What a fun and crazy week it has been! Not only did we go visit the Royal Gorge and the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo but we also accidentally found Seven Falls in Colorado Springs. We were driving out of the mountain from spending the day at the zoo when we drove past a sign for Seven Falls. After quickly looking it up on our phones we immediately turned to head towards Seven Falls. Our family loves the outdoors and nature parks and after realizing that my kids could finally see a “real” waterfall I knew right away that they would want to experience that.


The sign as we drove into the park claimed that it was the most beautiful canyon in the world. I was rather interested in seeing just how beautiful because surely the Grand Canyon was perhaps one of the prettiest canyons to visit. We were however pleasantly surprised that it certainly is the most beautiful scenic drive I think we have ever driven! The rocks were straight up and the rock ledges were so cool!


Can you see that thin stairwell that takes you all the way up to the top of the Seven Falls? Yep – it’s terrifying, exhausting, and REALLY high up! In fact I was so terrified I didn’t get any other photos of the climbing stairwell! The stairs lead up you above the Seven Falls and to a mile long nature trail at the top of the canyon.


For those that were less-adventurous than climbing what seemed like a thousand steps floating above the canyon there was also a tunnel cave that led to an elevator where you could arrive up high in the mountain and look over the Seven Falls from a look out point.


I’m so proud of my boys! Our entire family made it all the way up to the top of the canyon. Every single last step. And let me tell you that today my knees are paying for it – they are SO sore!! But we met some wonderful people that made the climb with us, learned a lot about the canyon and saw amazing views from the top of the mountain.


And of course they had a pressed penny machine!


Visiting the Seven Falls is honestly rather pricey (about $20 per adult) although children 5 and under are free. However, lucky for us, if you arrive at 5pm or later it is half price!


It was an amazing experience and so beautiful. I wish we had more time to spend there but we were exhausted after our day at the zoo and the gigantic climb to the top of the falls.


Throughout the day there is also a special native American dance show where the Native American culture and dances are demonstrated which was pretty neat. My kids really enjoyed this cultural experience.


I’m SO glad that we went and although I may not be brave enough to ever climb to the top again I’m so glad that I did it! If you ever get a chance to go I highly recommend it as it’s an amazing experience. If you’re looking to save quite a bit of money, however, I recommend coming at 5pm though.

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