Disney on Ice- Toy Story 3 REVIEW-Pictures!

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We had the fantastic opportunity to attend Disney on Ice- Toy Story 3. Having two young boys all you have to do is mention “Toy Story” and their ears perk up! My oldest son had asked me if he could wear a Buzz or Woody shirt to the event, so I splurged and bought them each a pair of Toy Story pajamas at Walmart for our big night out! And of course, Buzz, Woody, and Jesse had to come along. Once we got them all dressed up with their toys, and their Toy Story water bottles which we already had we were ready to go!
Here’s me and my little guy waiting for the show to start!! I thought it would be cold because of the ice rink so I wore a tank top and brought along a sweatshirt, but it was so hot by the time we got in there! Ah well! We were very eager for the show to start! In the beginning of the show Andy was getting ready for college. After a bit of reminiscing the show launched off with none other than the green toy soldiers! It was neat because several of them actually came in from parachutes up above!
Everyone in the crowd was cheering as each character began making it’s appearance. It was a lot of fun for the kids!
I especially thought that Jesse and Woody did a tremendous job at acting like the characters in the show. They were very “floppy” just like rag dolls! I have no idea how they managed to do that and ice skate but I was impressed. The characters not only looked like the movie (even though Buzz is quite a bit smaller!) but their body movements were the same.
As the toys were reminiscing about old times- they remembered the scene in the Pizza Palace when Buzz climbed into the alien toy machine! It was a lot of fun to watch the horde of aliens come onto the rink! The people actually had to walk in on their knees to be short enough for the aliens!
During intermission we decided to splurge and buy our oldest son a Jesse cup with a sno cone in it! He was SO excited! Of course they were absurdly expensive ($10), but the look on his face was priceless! Her hat opens up and the sno cone was inside. He has been eating ice cream and drinking beverages out of it ever since!
I had a good laugh when all of a sudden- a flood of Barbies came out on the rink! Hahaha- I don’t know what it was about that but a whole crew of life-sized Barbies skating out to girly music just made me laugh so hard! As you can see they really did look like Barbies!!
I wish I had a better picture of Ken- it was hilarious! He definitely looked like a plastic Ken doll for sure in his short shorts and girly “ascott”! They played the scene up with Ken and Barbie BIG time- but surprisingly they were very good ice skaters! There was a lot of tricks, spins and jumps going on!
At the end of the show the characters had arranged the toy blocks on the rink to spell “TOY STORY 3” which I thought was really cute. Our family had a fantastic time! I was so thankful that we had the opportunity to attend. My little one got ancy half way through but my oldest was glued to the rink the whole time! If we could afford it we would definitely go again! It was a great family event. There was nothing scary at all for the kids.
Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I was offered tickets to attend this event in order to form my own opinions. All opinions are mine.

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