Dr. Seuss Party Idea: One Fish Two Fish Jello Cups Recipe

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One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish – one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books for children for counting and learning colors with kids! This easy Dr. Seuss party idea can easily be prepped the night before with just a few ingredients! Check out our recipe tutorial below:

One Fish Two Fish Jello Cups Recipe for Dr. Seuss Day Celebrations

Fish are so fun and there are a zillion activities you can do with this book for your Seuss Day celebrations! This recipe is easy to make and be made a head of time (like late at night!) if you’re busy like me! It really takes minimal prep and minimal clean up but comes with a big “OOOHH AHHH” factor!

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One Fish Two Fish Ingredients:

dr seuss snack candy ingredients

1 3oz. pkg. Lemon Gelatin
1 3oz. pkg. Berry Blue Gelatin
1 pkg. Swedish Fish, assorted colors
Small Clear Cups

One Fish Two Fish Directions:

blue and yellow jello bowls

1. Prepare the lemon and berry blue gelatin according to package directions in a mixing bowl.

blue and yellow jello cups

2. Pour each flavor into individual small clear cups.

3. Refrigerate until the gelatin is partially set, approximately an hour.

dr seuss jello recipe

4. Place one fish into each cup, about halfway in.

5. Put back into refrigerator for about another hour, or until firm.

I’d love to hear about your Seuss Day celebration! Just leave a comment below sharing your ideas with us! If you’re looking for more Dr. Seuss related ideas scroll through all of our Seuss posts here or check out a few popular ones below!

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