My Opinion of Melissa and Doug’s See N Spell

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I love sharing with you guys my opinions on educational products that we use on a regular basis- and not just through a review or for a company, but things that I choose to buy. For a long time I have been eyeing 
Melissa and Doug’s See N Spell  and decided to buy it for my son. This with the alphabet stamps were bough in an effort to help my son spell and write notes without actually having to write.

It’s pretty self-explanatory but basically you have a wood slat (shown above) with a picture of the name of the picture carved out. Then you also have (shown below) wooden letters which you can place IN the slats to spell the word. I thought this might be a fun way for my son to learn how to spell a few new words correctly without actually having to try and write them.

What did I think? I loved the idea of the products and was very excited to get it in the mail. It was a LOT bigger than I was expecting! It doesn’t look big in the picture but it was huge compared to what I was expecting. A huge downside is that again, this item has NO lid. So all of those pretty colored letters you see- just loose in the box. Not a good idea with little hands- this will have to be kept in our locked closet. I wish they sold a “refill” pack with a new set of word slats or something. There are a total of 8 ‘slats’ front & back equals 16 words. (Half are 3 letter words half are 4 letter words) Overall I am glad that I bought this product. I think this would especially work well in a classroom setting for free time or an activity center.

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