Terminix Bug Scavenger Hunt at MOSI

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This is another post in my series from our trip to MOSI’s Bug Exhibit! In addition to the other many amazing things we enjoyed (including a bug petting zoo, edible cafe, cricket spitting contests, and more!) right in the middle of the exhibit was a big house sponsored by Terminix. It has to be one of the coolest things I had ever seen.
The kids were given a lab coat to wear, a hard hat, and the above clipboard. They were told to find all of the bugs on the above clipboard and they would receive a prize! So off we were to discover some bugs!


The first animal my son looked for was roaches. Yes I know- nasty creepy crawly roaches. Where else would you find them? Underneath the kitchen sink! (Ok, maybe not at MY house-LOL, but theoretically speaking!) Much to my surprise, when he opened the door –



There were actually REAL roaches everywhere! SERIOUSLY! After I got over the shock of opening the cabinet with LIVE CRAWLING roaches everywhere- I thought it was an awesome idea! I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or run! Haha! Of course all of the roaches were tightly enclosed in a special aquarium- but isn’t that freaky??


Thankfully the rest of the Scavenger Hunt wasn’t as scary! All the other bugs we had to find were (thankfully) already dead!! But the people from Terminix were great- they took my son all around their special house and helped him look for bugs- above they are looking for termites. Below my son found the spiders embedded into the wooden logs behind the house.



And of course we had to check Fido out for fleas!!



Once we found everything on our checklist they handed each of my boys their very own bug trading cards!! Aren’t they cute?


Whoever came up with the ideas for this house from Terminix and the Bug exhibit at MOSI in general was SUPERBLY creative- it was a perfect experience for our bug-loving family!

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