10 Tips to Make Your Life on the Go Easier!

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I don’t know about you but I thought with my husband (an elementary school teacher) being home with me and the kids we would have so much fun free time….boy was I totally wrong! I’m tempted to take a picture of our calendar just so you can see that we have NO room for anything else! Seattle’s Best Coffee is supporting those of us who are needing a break! They now have Seattle’s Best Coffee Iced Latte – to go! Here’s a printable coupon too- Click to save $1.50 on a 4 pack today! That’s a premium latte for about $1.49 a can- a ton cheaper than getting a latte while you’re out! 

I could certainly use one of these iced latte’s really anytime of the day- but they would be great when we run out in the morning to doctor appointments, therapies for my son, or even on the way to the park! I certainly need some extra energy to chase my kids around at the park!

I’ve come up with 10 simple ways to make your life easier on the go! 

1. Pre-plan! If we know we have to go out to an appointment or day trip we pre-plan and pre-pack the night before! Pre-make sandwiches, diaper bags, drinks, etc. That way you can just get up and go.
2. Have snacks on hand! So many times I am so busy that I forget to eat- seriously! Pretty sad huh? I’ve learned that I save money by purchasing extra snacks during the summer months. It helps me not be tempted to go out for dinner and they are great to throw in the car in case I get hungry.
3. Make a list (and don’t lose it!). I am the queen of lists- I have lists for everything. And they are everywhere- just ask my husband! BUT when packing- a list ensures that I don’t forget anything. When shopping- a list ensures that I don’t forget anything. It helps save frustration and extra trips out!
4. Plan a fun day-or at least an afternoon. Planning a fun afternoon or day with my kids at the park, beach, or nature trails really help to relieve stress and help me to enjoy life a little more! You may think you’re too busy to have a fun outing, but you won’t regret the memories and time spent together. You’ll be happier because of it!
5. Team up and enlist your spouse! I’m not kidding! Those of us that are married-especially moms that stay at home typically tend to get the brunt of the housework. I have very quickly realized that there is just no possible way for me to keep up with absolutely everything. So I’ve enlisted my husband to help! I have found that most of the time he doesn’t help simply because he doesn’t think about it, or doesn’t know what needs to be done!
6. Make extra meals! If you’re making a meal at home, consider double or tripling your recipe, then freezing it for later meals! It isn’t that big of a difference to add in extra ingredients, but it will save you a lot of time later!
7. Use paper plates! We try to use paper plates after we lived in mountains of dirty dishes! We just couldn’t keep up with them all! Even using paper plates sometimes helps a lot!
8. Sometimes it really is easier just to eat out. On your busiest months of the year budget a little extra money for quick trips out to eat. It really does make a big difference!
9. Teach your kids! They can be your greatest help when cleaning, cooking, getting things in the store, etc. It will keep them busy and help you get your list done quicker!
10. Write it on the calendar! I would be SO lost if I didn’t write everything on our calendar! It sure helps keep things running smoothly in our house knowing what we have to do and when.

There are SO many things that you can do to help your life run a little smoother when you’re busy! What do YOU do to help your busy schedule?About Seattle’s Best Coffee
As coffee blenders and roasters since 1970, we’ve seen a lot come and go. We went from a tiny shop on the Seattle waterfront to being declared Seattle’s Best Coffee in a local competition. In 2003, we joined the Starbucks family which has allowed us to place more resources into further honing our special way of crafting delicious, impossibly smooth coffee. Every step of the process, from coffee cherry to your cup, is managed to fit our exacting standards and our premium approach to coffee. Now, we’re making it easier to find your perfect coffee with our new Level System.
Disclosure-I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Seattle’s Best Coffee blogging program for a gift card worth $30. For more information on how you can participate, click here

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