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Earlier today I posted about the Bon-Ami that I bought. Another product I bought (actually my husband made me buy!) was Simple Green. I had heard of it, but never really used it. I was used to your Clorox, Tilex, Scrubbing Bubbles and Lysol type cleaners so trying anything new was a different experience for me. I balked a little at the price- it was $3.99 for the picture shown above, BUT when I looked at the bottle it said “Concentrated”. That bottle I bought for $3.99 can be diluted out to 5 gallons of cleaner!! 
Simple Green is an environmentally non-toxic cleaner. So why do they put these “healthier” cleaners where you don’t see them in the grocery store? I had to search for the Bon-Ami and found it tucked away at the bottom of the shelf, and the Simple Green was no different! So I buckled down and bought a bottle.
When I got home the first test was the kids bathtub. It’s an OLD messed up tub but we don’t have the money to remodel. A few days ago my boys had pulled up the stripping at the base of the tile, and had ripped the paint off of the tile too. (Paint on our tile- gross huh!) So not only did we have bright blue tile with white paint peeled off, under where the stripping was it wasn’t sealed properly and had grown mold underneath. YUCK! So I started spraying and got to work. It was nice not to be overwhelmed with chemical fumes- it was actually a rather decent smell from the cleaner! 
What I was REALLY surprised at was that the Simple Green immediately took of the streaks off the sides of the tub. I had spent hours with Scrubbing Bubbles in that tub trying to scrub out the build up and could never get it off- I chalked it up to it being an old tub and figured someday we would replace it. The Simple Green was amazing- I sprayed it on and literally wiped it off. Hardly any scrubbing at all! My tub for the first time since we’ve lived here is actually completely white! I was very impressed! 
What I also loved about Simple Green is that I can dilute it down to use as a floor cleaner, AND you can actually use it as a carpet cleaner! The uses are seemingly endless! I definitely recommend trying out Simple Green. I was very pleasantly surprised once I started using the product. I love the versatility and the fact that it’s healthier for our family! It’s a great alternative to chemical cleaners in the classroom as well!

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  1. What a fantastic cleaner! I really appreciate your introduction! Have to give it a try 🙂

  2. Melissa Taylor says:

    I really like Simple Green, too! Esp. b/c it works.

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