Who Hides a Pickle in their Christmas Tree?

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Yes, I really did just ask who hides a pickle in their Christmas Tree?! We do!! Not a real one of course! I specifically took pictures of the our “pickle” tradition but I simply cannot find my pictures right now!! BUT our ornament looks exactly like the one pictured! (ever wonder why you’ve seen a glass pickle ornament in the store?!)
Hiding the pickle is an old German tradition (no, we’re not German- I just liked the tradition!). Our family does it a little differently. The tradition is that the parent(s) hide the pickle ornament hung in the Christmas tree before the kids wake up on Christmas Day, and whoever found the pickle first would receive a little prize like candy or a small toy. My kids are still very small, so we hide the pickle as the first ornament hung on the Christmas tree, under the branches, and have the kids go looking for it! The nice thing about my kids being little is that they love looking for the pickle- they don’t even get a prize! 🙂
Have you adopted any fun Christmas traditions?

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  1. Heather (The Menu Mama) says:

    Ooh, I love this tradition and I bet my kids would too! Growing up, my family would always eat dinner Christmas Eve together on the floor by the lighted Christmas tree. It's just a sweet, fun tradition and a great way to enjoy the beautiful tree and being together. My husband likes the idea, so we are continuing it with our kids!

  2. Tractor Mom says:

    This is cool! But I would have to hide a tractor….

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