Moon Dough’s Magic Zoo Review

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I received Moon Dough’s Magic Zoo in the mail to review this week- and my kids were so excited! We have Moon Sand at our house (which my kids LOVE but is so messy!) so I was very interested to test out their Moon Dough. I wanted to see how it was different, and if it was any less messy. Of course as soon as it arrived we just had to try it out! Thankfully there are not a lot of complicated parts to put together- it was very simple. In fact my 3 year old put most of it together without my instruction because he just couldn’t wait for me to open everything!


It came with stickers to decorate the zoo entryway, the zoo entryway, 3 packs of moon dough, a fence mold, 2 wind-up toys, and 3 different animal molds. Once we put it together and played with it I realized that it’s really quite a neat set-up!

There are a couple features to all Moon Dough products that I LOVE!

1. NEVER dries out! (Which means it lasts longer!)
2. It is wheat-free! Perfect for those families with wheat problems!
3. It’s hypo-allergenic. Great for large groups of kids!
The open mold case is actually a doorway that will later be attached onto the zoo entryway frame. You only need to open the doorway like I’ve shown above in order to switch out the different animal molds (penguin, bear, & monkey). After you’ve put your little zoo entryway together you’ll take your doorway, close it up, and put some Moon Dough into the open hole on the bottom. Now this is where I got a little frustrated. I let my son put in the Moon Dough, which of course he packed down into the mold. **Do NOT pack it full!** It will not open if you pack it full! We made that mistake the first 5 times until I finally realized there is a reason that the directions said to “fill loosely”! Just a little pointer in case you run into the same problem I did! Evidently though my friend who has the same kit did not have this problem! Maybe my son was overeager! 🙂
The doorway then attaches to the inside top of the entryway. You can’t actually see it in the picture below but above the doorframe is a handle to turn. You’ll turn that handle to make the mold case come down onto the wind-up toy. Once the mold case has come all the way down onto the wind-up toy it will automatically pop open and your pre-wound animal will come walking out of the zoo as you see below!
Wind-up toys are always a favorite in our house, but when you get to create your OWN animal wind-up toy with Moon Dough- it’s a blast! Both of my boys had so much fun watching the animals walk out of the zoo, but as you can see my youngest enjoyed it the most! He went nutty every time the animals came walking out. This zoo was worth it just to watch him have fun!
Here is the fence mold- it was surprisingly extremely easy to pop the dough out of it. And the really cool thing about the fence is that the pieces can interlock together! Very ingenius!
Here’s a picture of one of the zoo scenes we created. Having 2 little boys it was hard to capture this picture before their hands were rearranging it into a new scene! It is not a complicated toy at all. My son is almost 4 years old and he could operate the entire thing without my help. You can find Moon Dough at your local mass retailer and also on Amazon!


I know a lot of daycares and preschools carry Moon Sand products. I definitely recommend trying out Moon Dough. It’s the same fun but with less mess- and with preschoolers- you definitely need all the help you can get!! I am very happy to have been given the opportunity to try Moon Dough- I will definitely be switching to this for my kids to play with. I loved the feel of the dough. It is so unlike anything I have ever felt before- really great for sensory activities!


Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I did receive a zoo to assemble and play with. All opinions are mine.

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