Fantastic Frog Sensory Jar for Preschoolers

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Do your children love frogs? Instead of trying to catch your own, why not create this fun and frugal fantastic frog sensory jar!

fabulous frog sensory jar for preschoolers

 It’s perfect for hot summer days to keep your kids busy indoors! This fantastic frog sensory jar gives kids the chance to own their own pet frogs and get a fun sensory experience at the same time. Here is how you can get started crafting your own frog sensory jar with your child. It is the perfect cure for summer boredom!

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Supplies needed:
Jar with lid
Fake or real moss
Pebbles, rocks
Plastic frogs
Food coloring (optional)

We found everything we needed online for this project. You can even find the large jars like we used here, perfect for fitting all of the supplies into.

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1. Begin by adding the environment ingredients into your jar. This would be the moss and the rocks. You can add them and layer them any way you wish, using as little or as much as you wish. What you want is a place for your frogs to rest on and the appearance of a pond.

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2. Add your water. Again, you can use as little or as much as you wish. We filled ours about ¼ of the way full so there was a land and water element in the jar. If you want, you can add more water later for an “underwater” experience.
3. Now you can add your frogs. Use as many or as little as you wish. See how flexible this sensory jar is? Haha! It really is all about preferences and doing what you think works best.

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4. Finish the jar by replacing the lid and adding some twine. You can add the child’s name tag to the twine if you wish or leave it as is.

Optional: If you want colored water, go for it! Just add a few drops of food coloring to the water prior to adding it. You can use green and blue for a swamp effect or just blue.

Your fantastic frog sensory jar is now ready to be enjoyed. Let kids add other natural elements they may find in the yard such as rocks, twigs, and flowers. Let them shake it up, add more frogs, and create their own little pond environment.

Don’t let the kids get bored this summer. Instead, give this frog sensory jar a try and see how much fun they can have.

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