Melted Crayon Canvas Craft – Use up those CHEAP Crayons!

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Need a fun craft to use up your cheap crayons from back to school sales? I’m sure most of you have seen this Pinterest-inspired craft before! You’ll need a canvas of any size, a bunch of crayons, a hot glue gun, and a blow dryer! As you can see below my crayons are different brands and different colors and sizes. You can make it however you want!

Personally I REALLY liked the Rose Art crayons the best as they had the colors of each crayon clearly listed on the side. I just opened up our crayon container and grabbed a bunch. I suggest bunching a few of each color together so the colors mix less.

Hot glue your crayons in a line at the top of your canvas making sure to point the tips of the crayons down. Did you know that you can even buy crayons in bulk?!

Turn your blow dryer on and watch the crayons melt designing your very awesome new art project!

Ok so it sounds totally easy. But my blow dryer on low would not heat up high enough to melt the crayons so I turned it on high and S.P.L.A.T.T.E.R. extreme! Oh my! I tried holding the blow dryer out further away but it just didn’t help that much. SO in case yours splatters I highly suggest doing this project in a box or with scrap paper held around the sides or something unless you would like melted crayon wax flying everywhere! 


The crayon drippings dry almost immediately once you turn the blow dryer off so we were able to hang out creations on the wall in our art corner right away!

Have you done this fun project before? Did you have the same splattering issues I did? I hope it was fun!


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  1. Jennifer Jean says:

    I bet your boys loved it! I doubt crayola would work as well. They don’t melt as easily (which I love especially when we leave them in the car ).

    1. Crayola works THE BEST!

  2. We have done this before with Crayola crayons. We took the wrappers off to make them run a little faster. There was a lot of splatter though! Overall the project was a huge hit with my kids. 🙂

  3. I bet it would look cool if you turned it upside down—like the crayons are exploding the colors upward!

  4. It looks great! I saw a tutorial on a different website that said to use a diffuser to eliminate splatter. I had the same issue you did, (without the diffuser), so I will definitely try it next time!

  5. I’m just wondering if anyone has tried using the blow dryer BEHIND the canvas to heat the crayons…. would there be less splatter? Would it even work?

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