Making Learning to Read Fun with Reading Eggs

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My 5 year old has launched head on into learning to read in kindergarten this year so when I was offered the opportunity to look into Reading Eggs a little closer I was very interested to see what my son thought. My oldest son taught himself how to read and has always been an extremely avid reader who had to work very little at strengthening his reading skills. My youngest son, however, was not blessed with this gift and although he likes to read I’m finding special incentives are really help to drive his enthusiasm for hard work when it comes to reading.

I knew Reading Eggs would be a great captivator for him – both fun and educational. It’s been a great site for not only my 5 year old but also my 7 year old (there are sections for up to age 13!)

reading eggs

The site is split into 3 different learning areas:

Reading Eggs (3-7 yrs learn to read)

Reading Eggspress (7-13 yrs reading skills)

Mathseeds (3-6 yrs math skills)

learning how to read

Reading Eggs is geared for ages 3-13 years old to work at their own pace and not only incorporates games into reading but also songs, “golden eggs” and other rewards. The more my son works at his reading lessons the more “golden eggs” he earns! It has really been a good motivator for him to choose Reading Eggs over playing other games or entertainment. Plus it helps me not feel like I need to push him to read as hard because he is choosing to work on it himself! My 7 year old even begs to get on it.  Now through February 28, 2015 you can try Reading Eggs for FREE for 4 weeks HERE! NO credit card needed!!!


This isn’t just a basic “learn to read” website, it has a TON of features to it. Check out this very extensive list of features:

My Lessons – 120 reading lessons via 12 maps. Children can repeat lessons to reinforce reading skills.

My House – Customizable avatar and house, arcade games, Story Factory stories that your child has written
Skills Banks – 96 graded spelling lessons increasing skills in progressive sequence (12 words on each list)
Driving Test Centre – 45 tests (sight words, phonics skills, content area vocab); correct answers are rewarded with a racing car game
Puzzle Park – 32 word puzzles over various ranges of reading skills
Arcade – 24 games your child can play by using their earned golden eggs
Reggie’s Store – purchase accessories with golden eggs to decorate their house and avatar
Storyland – 20 lessons, 140 activities, 20 short books & lots of rewards!
Music Cafe – 62 Reading Eggs songs in one spot!
Story Factory – a step by step guide to writing a story, your child can choose their own illustrations, access word & sentence suggestions and even enter a weekly story writing competition!
My World – available after Lesson 30, visit 10 different destinations!

  • Eggy Bank – earn Golden Eggs!
  • Playroom – over 170 activities and books (music, puzzles & more)
  • Avatar – create unique characters with customized features and accessories
  • Stuff – view your certificates and collection of critters earned for completing lessons

Try Reading Eggs out for 4 weeks for FREE HERE! What do you have to lose? It’s free, it’s educational and you don’t need a credit card to sign up!!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Reading Eggs.

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