What do You Do When Your Child is Not Ready for School?

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Has your child started school – and is having a rough time adjusting? Maybe you’re considering school for your child next year and just can’t imagine any possible way that they’ll actually be ready? I’m slightly in the predicament of both – so you’re not alone!!

If Your Child is in School Now and Having Problems Adjusting

  • Find out what may be triggering the problem. Maybe your child needs more sleep. Maybe a joint effort between parents and teacher can help smooth social problems. Do they have a particular disorder?  They may need some down time or the use of certain weighted materials to help tone down the feeling of being overwhelmed.  If it’s a particular child in the class your child has problems with talk to your teacher – they will best see what the problems are.
  • Ask your child what the problem is – and listen. Don’t come off aggravated or condescending. You’ll be amazed what your kids may tell you.
  • Help your teacher understand what your child needs. If your child simply needs some quiet time ask the teacher if your child can be separated at some point of the day for some down time. Be aware, however, that they do have a full class of children and cannot meet demanding or inappropriate requests.
  • Make sure they have a good filling breakfast and a healthy lunch/snack. Kids that skip breakfast before school simply could just be irritated because they are hungry!
  • It IS possible that your child just isn’t ready for school. Meet with the school to get their professional opinion if it doesn’t seem to be working out. You may need to switch schools, or keep your child home for a year (via homeschool or if under 6 years old).
  • Support your child’s teacher!! Whether it’s volunteering time, materials, or support from home. This will go a long way to ensure that your teacher is helping your child transition the best possible in the classroom.
If You Are Considering School for Your Child Next Year
  • Worried about whether your child will be ready for school next year? Don’t worry! You have an entire year to prepare – that is a LONG time for a child. A lot can be done to help them!
  • Write down your concerns for your child. Sit down and decide how you can fix it. Make sure your list is within reason with what your child’s age should be accomplishing! Don’t be upset if your 3 year old isn’t reading like a whiz!
  • Have a game plan. If your child needs to learn the letters of the alphabet, decide how you want to do this. Play a letter game all week – list animals and colors with that letter and point it out. Draw the letter on paper and let the kids color it – then paste it all over the house. If your child needs help with fine motor skills make it a point to play games and do fun activities that hone in on this skill.
  • It’s OK if your child isn’t ready for school. Maybe they need an extra year. Maybe schooling at home is the option. Kids certainly don’t fit our timetables. Take it one day at a time and don’t get too hyped up over next year – it’s still a long way off!


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