Make Your Own Traffic Light & Car Holder!

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This is another super simple craft for kids that’s easy enough to do in a large classroom setting as well! You can even incorporate it into history lessons about the invention of the light bulb or street signs & cars! This functions not only as a traffic light, but as a carrier that can hold toy cars too!
You’ll need one milk carton per child.

Then you’ll need black construction paper. Tape it around the entire outside of the carton leaving the top open. You may need to cut the paper to adjust to the size of the carton.
Cut out 3 small circles for lights- 1 red, 1 yellow, and 1 green. Tape or glue them on the front in the pattern of a traffic signal.

There is your traffic light! The next step is optional depending on the child, but we added a handle to our light so that the kids could carry it, and so that we could hang it up as well! My son uses it also to put his toy cars & trains inside.

To add the handle simple poke a hole on both sides of the traffic light as seen above, and insert a pipe cleaner! Twist it around so that the pipe cleaner doesn’t slip back out.

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  1. Kimberley says:

    What a fun and easy craft! We are on snow day #3 and I NEED some new ideas to keep the little man busy lol Thanks for sharing. I was following you on Twitter, now I'm following your blog to.


  2. very cute. love your blog title! I'm following you on thursday's blog hop. would you follow me back? would you mind clicking on my twitter link … i'm having twitter trouble (i think)….thanks

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