Make Your Own Pinwheel

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You’ll need a piece of paper, a brad, scissors, and a straw-that’s it! And something to color with if you’re decorating your own. You can even use glitter and stickers if you want! This will work with regular printer paper but will be more durable with something a little bit stiffer. Let your kids color one or both sides, or choose paper that already has designs on it such as a scrap booking paper square. Cut out a 6 inch square (you can make it smaller, just make sure both sides are the same length).
Draw an “X” from corner to corner, stopping about 1 inch from the center of the paper. You can also place dots on every other corner as seen in the picture above to help guide you on where to fold later. Cut along the lines making sure to stop an inch from the center! If you cut through it all the way you will have to start over! Grab every other corner of the pinwheel and fold the corners onto the top holding them in the center. You can either use a small brad which is more kid friendly, or if you’re daring you can use a push pin to hold the center together and then push an eraser into the back to hold it in place. Attach a straw or small dowel rod to the back of the pinwheel and voila! Your children have made their own toy to spin in the wind!


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  1. Cute! We did some last month. We found that the pushpins worked better. I was trying to figure out how to do one with 8 blades instead of 4, and I couldn't figure it out. Do you know how?

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