Butterfly Life Cycle Craft- SIMPLE

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My son, who is 4 years old did everything all by himself! This is a VERY simple Butterfly Life Cycle Craft that a child of any age can participate in. All you’ll need is some sort of poster board (or as you can see we just used one side of a cardboard box), coloring sheets for each of the butterfly life cycle (egg, caterpillar, pupa, butterfly), colors, and glue! 

I just googled “Butterfly Life Cycle Coloring Pages” and found these to print out. After teaching my son about the 4 different stages in the butterfly’s life cycle, he colored all of the stages. Then I let him cut around each picture, and glue them on to the cardboard/poster board himself. He was so proud of this project since he did everything himself! (which is a lot for him since he hates coloring and has a hard time using scissors!) 
You can really revamp this project to meet the needs of your child on their age level. Get creative- add real leaves, glitter, or anything else fun your child might enjoy! 

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  1. Great job, young man! My grandson doesn't really like to color either (I'm sad to say). My granddaughter does enough coloring and drawing for all of us though:)

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