Make Your Own Homemade Tortilla Chips

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If you have the time a great way to save money on a nice splurge is to make your own homemade tortilla chips! My husband loooooves chips to munch on, but we hardly ever buy them because our budget does not allow for that-not to mention that most of them are just plain not healthy! So he decided the other day that he wanted to make his own tortilla chips. Now I’m not going to lie – it’s messy and takes a long time but they are SOOOO much more amazing than any store bought chips you will buy!
A bag of tortilla chips cost about $2-4 depending on what brand you buy. If you make your own it will cost just $2.50 and you can make over 6 bags or MORE worth for that price! AND they are a lot healthier & tastier too!
He went to the store & bought a bag of corn flour. It was $2.48 for the bag.
He just followed the directions on the bag but he mixed the flour with water, and the tiniest bit of salt.
For a while we were hand pressing out the dough to make the chips, but soon realized how long that took! So we went on Amazon and bought a tortilla press for $14 to make things go quicker! It’s very simple to use (seriously – you HAVE to buy one if you’re going to start making your own chips – it makes a huge difference! Just put a very small ball of dough on the press……….

 And close it up! We found that they tended to stick a little so we put some wax paper on one side of the press so that the dough didn’t stick so much!

 It worked best for us to make a little assembly line. I pressed the tortillas & placed them in a plate like you see below. This would be an awesome idea to make with your kids since it’s so easy.
My hubby threw them in the frying pan (no oil) and let them cook on high for just a minute or so.
Then he put all the semi-cooked dough discs on a separate plate.
When he got a plate full he would dump them in his deep fryer.
And after about 3 minutes we would check them & pull them out. I was a little concerned at first because look at all that oil – I was afraid they’d taste hideous and soggy but they didn’t!
 But after we patted the chips with a napkin & placed them on a plate- voila- the oil was gone! (well, mostly!) Seriously though, the chips were absolutely delicious.  They were much better than bagged chips for sure! WOW! I wasn’t sure how they would do if we left them out overnight so we experimented. Left overnight on a plate like this with no cover was actually not bad-just the tiniest slight bit of staleness, just barely. We also put some in a ziploc bag overnight and those were absolutely delicious- they tasted like we had just made them!
As you can see we just made round chips, they were quicker to make. If you want to make the triangle chips it is very easy- after pressing your dough down you just take a pizza cutter & slice up a triangle!
Making your own tortilla chips does take some time, but it is definitely worth it when you taste it! If you’ve got a family that has some munchy problems and wants a lot of chips- this is a great idea to try out. It’s very simple. We made about double the chips shown in this picture with 1 cup of flour- and our bag of flour has barely been touched! We have a LOT more flour to make chips with….we’ll be making our tortilla chips for my boys birthday party in a few months which will save us a good amount of money on snacks!


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  1. What a great idea! I've been wanting to make corn tortillas so this would be another thing that I could do with the Masa. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Rachel Wright says:

    I make chips by cutting up corn tortillas with a pizza cutter, spraying them with cooking stay, then baking them for about 15 minutes at 350. Absolutely delicious, and no oil!

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