Make a Difference Monday – Link Up Your Donors Choose Projects!

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Donors Choose – Make a Difference Monday

I’ve teamed up with my good friend at Fun Finds for Families to bring you Make a Difference Monday, a weekly link-up featuring classroom projects at Donors Choose, in the hopes that together we can help some students out.

Thanks to Cathe for letting me know if donors to Donors Choose type in SHOUT in the match code box that their donations of any amount will be matched.

Sometimes these classes just need help with the basics. Sometimes they’re dreaming even bigger.

Each week we’ll feature a few current classroom projects on Donors Choose. Then we’ll offer the opportunity for you to share YOUR projects below so that everyone can see what your students are working on!

You don’t need to be a teacher to participate, either. Submit your own child’s classroom project or just one that inspires you.

And if you happen across one project that speaks to you more than others? Well, maybe we can get a project or two funded!

Here’s how Donors Choose works:

Public school teachers from every corner of America post classroom project requests on Donors Choose. Then you browse project requests and give any amount to the one that inspires you. Once a project reaches its funding goal, Donors Choose will deliver the materials to the school.

The Donors Choose projects

We Want to Be Great Authors, Too! – Madison, WI

From the description: Great authors inspire kids to read more and to be great authors themselves! Reading a number of books by the same author creates a relationship between the author and the reader. I want to provide access to collections of books by Dr. Seuss, Chris Van Allsburg and Brian & Andrea Pinkney.

Author studies are a great way to expose students to the craft of writing a great story. By reading several books by the same author, we will notice patterns and themes throughout his/her work. I have a few books by Dr. Seuss in my classroom library, two by Chris Van Allsburg (famous for The Polar Express) and only one by Andrea & Brian Pinkney. Most kids know Dr. Seuss already and I would like to expose them to more books by these writers to show the styles of contrasting successful authors.

Make Our Mariachi Merry! – Bullhead City, AZ

From the description: Have you ever tried to ride a bicycle made for a small child? Our Mariachi band students now outnumber the school’s violins, and some of these 7th and 8th grade kids are playing on 1/2 size instruments designed for 3rd graders. Some kids have nothing at all to play.

We are asking for violins. These are basic, entry-level violins for beginning students. They are full-sized instruments, referred to in the catalog as 4/4. Currently, we have teenagers playing on instruments designed for an 8 year-old. While we were lucky to get the 1/2 sized instruments from the community, they do not project as well as full size instruments, and it is often hard for our audience to appreciate our performances. Additionally, the small size violins look a bit silly, even in the hands of our most petite students. Increasing the number of instruments we can provide will give more students the opportunity to learn to play. Additionally, if we can get enough standard instruments, we can transfer the small instruments to our feeder elementary school, so that they can start students on the violin at a younger age.

Your Donors Choose Projects

And now it’s your turn to share! Share a link to the Donors Choose projects that interest and inspire you. Include the project request, state and grade level.

Example: Solar Project Set – FL – 2nd Grade

Share with your friends!

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  1. Please let potential donors to Donors Choose project know that if they type in SHOUT in the match code box that their donations of any amount will be matched.

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