Mabel’s Labels – Ultimate Back to School Combo Review

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It’s getting to be that time of year again – the back to school frenzy is here!! In just a few weeks my son will be starting kindergarten for the first time, and my other son will be in preschool – that’s a LOT of stuff that my boys will more than likely misplace and lose! That’s why I was thrilled for the opportunity to work with Mabel’s Labels and check out their Ultimate Back to School Combo! If you’re not familiar with Mabel’s Labels….well, they make labels!! Waterproof kid-friendly labels to be exact!

When I opened up my package I had this beautiful gift box with my labels wrapped so nicely!

This is the Ultimate Back to School Combo set and includes 2 Teeny Tags, 16 Shoe Labels, 50 Tag Mates, 40 Skinni-Minis. The Skinni-Minnis are dishwasher and microwave safe – I use these for labeling my kids lunchboxes, food containers, sippy cups, etc. The Tag Mates are washer and dryer safe which will be perfect for throwing my son’s backpack in the wash when it gets gross! (Let’s face it, boys can get just about anything dirty without a needed reason!) The Shoe Tags and Teeny Tags are waterproof and UV resistant.

Mabel’s Labels was kind enough to send me a set for each of my children! One set had construction cranes on it and the other had cool sharks! My boys both loved them. As you know I’ve spent the last few weeks packing our house in Florida getting ready for our big move to Iowa this weekend (while I’m at BlogHer – eek!) so I REALLY appreciated having the labels! It made things MUCH easier between my kids when we went to Disney this week since they wanted to buy the same toys and same water bottles!

And not just the toys we also got in my son’s new backpack for school so I was thrilled to put the ID tag on it. My son was SO excited that he had a new backpack and it had his special new tag on it that instead of packing it up in a box right away he made me leave it out on the table so he could look at it for a day or two!! How cute is that?

Here is the tag on the bookbag! I love it! It makes it very easy for my son to spot that this is HIS bookbag since he isn’t use to keeping track of one. I also plan on putting the other tag on his lunchbox once we get unpacked in Iowa and ready for school.

Although this is a shoe label my son wanted to put it on the bottom of his new water bottle that we bought at Disney this week! Once we get up to Iowa I will be placing shoe labels in each of the kids shoes so that they don’t lose them! Because trust me, my kids would be the ones that would go to school without shoes on! The great thing is that Mabel’s Labels has TONS of little icon images so your kids can choose from a big variety of things such as monkeys, rocketships, owls, tiaras, cupcakes, pigs, iceskates, pirate ships, school bus, leaves, books, whale, turtle, bike ballet, and TONS more!

I was very happy with our Mabel’s Labels set! They were simple to apply on all of our stuff and I’ve had no issues with anything coming off! The labels I’ve run through the dishwasher look as good as new! It is definitely cheaper and easier to track my kids stuff to have everything labeled and not to have to hassle with having to re-label everything!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I received the above product in order to use and form my own opinions. All opinions are 100% my own.

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