The Loose Tooth Craft

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If you didn’t catch the discussion on my Facebook page yesterday my 4 year old son has a VERY loose and wiggly tooth! We discovered this last week when I realized he had a permanent tooth almost all the way in behind his baby teeth! Imagine that! When I picked him up from school yesterday his teacher told me he had spent the entire day wiggling his tooth. And sure enough, by the time we got home his tooth was quite wiggly and crooked!! Why did he spend all that time wiggling his tooth? Because he is INCREDIBLY eager for the tooth fairy to come!! SO we decided to spend the afternoon doing “tooth” related activities with him.
One of my son’s favorite books (among many!) is Andrew’s Loose Tooth by Robert Munsch. So we decided to read it together before we started. It’s a silly book about a boy who can’t get his tooth out. After mommy, daddy, the dentist, and even the tooth fairy try to get his tooth out his best friend made him sneeze with pepper…..and his tooth flew right out of his mouth and across town!!

So we decided to make a mouth with lots of teeth!! You’ll need a piece of paper (any color), something red such as yarn, construction paper, foam craft paper, etc. (we used foam), glue, and cotton balls. We actually didn’t have cotton balls so I tore off pieces of cotton from a pillow stuffing. Cut your red yarn or paper into the shape of lips and let your kids glue the lips on the paper.

Even my little guy had fun with a little help from dad!

Then glue on your “teeth” of cotton wherever they want! As you can see my son wanted lots of teeth!! Cottonballs really work best but this cotton pillow stuffing is a good alternative if you have it!

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