Dollar Store Craft – DIY Kid’s Halloween Ghost Footprint Doormat Rug

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I’m simply in love with how these Ghost Footprint Rugs turned out for Halloween! You can get all of the supplies you need at the Dollar Tree (or local craft store) and you may even have most of them on hand already at home! We only needed to pick up the $1 doormat rugs!

kids halloween ghost footprint doormat

Or you can buy a larger black runner rug and make a whole family of ghosts to personalize it! Either way this is simple and loads of fun!

Supplies Needed:

  • small black rug / doormat

  • white craft paint

  • googly eyes

  • paint brush

  • glue

kids halloween ghost footprint doormat


1. Apply a generous amount of white paint to the bottom of your child’s foot – watch out – it tickles!

2. Press the feet one at a time onto the top of your black rug. Press firmly and allow the foot to sit for a few seconds before removing.

3. Remove slowly and lift straight up. Allow the footprint to dry completely. Repeat with opposite foot.

4. Once the footprint is dry you can add your googly eyes to the heel of each print. You can use hot glue or tacky glue.

BUDGET FRIENDLY CLASSROOM IDEA: Use black construction paper and make ghost handprints (upside down) instead! 

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