A Little Fun With DeWafelbakkers

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This is what happens when we have NO De Wafelbakkers Pancakes in our house:
I’m NOT kidding!!
Since meeting the De Wafelbakkers company at BlogHer last month and trying their absolutely amazing (and frozen in a bag!) pancakes – my kids no longer ask for pancakes. They specifically ask for De Wafelbakkers pancakes. And if we run out? The reaction above is what is heard quite loudly!
So what is De Wafelbakkers? Frozen pancakes sold in a bag. That’s it! It sounds so simple, but to be honest – these frozen pancakes TASTE like fresh. In fact when I had breakfast with the company at BlogHer I actually asked the owner if they had microwaved our whole breakfast of pancakes – they tasted 100% fresh from scratch. (Of course he said yes they had!) It was incredible and hard to believe that these pancakes didn’t actually taste frozen!
What I love about them aside from the obvious tastiness is that they are prepackaged into 3 pancakes in a bag – one serving size. Here you can see just a small amount of the love my son has for his De Wafelbakker’s pancakes! We used to make pancakes from scratch every weekend, but these are so affordable and a LOT quicker that now we buy De Wafelbakkers regularly.

You can print a $1 off coupon at the De Wafelbakkers Facebook page, and you can also view their  hilarious Pancake Hoarders video there too!

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  1. They are little cuties! I have never seen children so happy to have waffles. 🙂

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