Let’s Choose Matching Game for Kids – A Great Social Interaction Tool

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Let’s Choose is helpful game which gives your child the tools they need to learn and understand choices, consequences, and cause and effect! A fantastic tool to use with children which have autism, ADHD, social interaction issues, sensory disorder, language delay, and any other host of problems. And to be honest, it’s really a good reminder for any child no matter whether they have “issues” or not!

With the game comes a set of green colored flashcards, a set of purple colored flashcards, and a play microphone which just about any kid will love to use! Above you will see that the green cards are the action cards – they state something like putting things where they belong, or making a mess. The purple cards are the effect cards that the kids can match with the appropriate green cards. So for the first set on the left side the action is “Put Things Where they Belong” – the effect? Find things easily! You can then talk to the child about WHY we put things where they belong, and even what could happen if we didn’t put things in their place! It seems simple enough to us, but many children need a lot of help not only remembering these things but also visually seeing them played out. These flashcards help to give the child a visual understanding.

My son attends social skills classes for his issues socially with his peers, and immediately when we started using this set we KNEW his teacher would absolutely LOVE these flashcards! In fact – Ms. Donna – if you’re reading this we might bring them for you this week!! 🙂

Common sense rules do not come easily to many children, especially with autism and other related disorders, so these flashcards will really get your kids thinking. Playing this game is a great conversation opener with my kids, and if they are as detail specific as mine is, you may just have to sit through a story behind EVERY card! It took us a while to get through the game because my son feels the need to tell you the history behind the stick figures on his cards!!

Our family found this game very useful – especially for my oldest son who has social interaction difficulties (Asperger’s and sensory disorder). If you are looking for a way to help your child understand social situations better and even understand what is expected of them around the house with responsibility you may want to check out Let’s Choose! You can play it individually or in a group as a game, or even just use the cards as an explanatory lesson. It is a great tool to help your child verbally and visually see what the expected result from their action is.
You can find more information about this game, and even a classroom version at Let’s Choose and on their Facebook page.
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