List of Nut Free School Snacks, Lunches & Classroom Party Treats

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Nut Free School Lunches, Snacks Classroom Party

All of my kids started at new schools last year since we moved out of state. They are in 3 separate locations – and ALL 3 of their schools are nut free. I have been struggling this year finding appropriate snacks and such for their lunch boxes as even many brands of fruit snacks (and of course just about every granola bar out there) has a nut warning on it. I have found all sorts of resources out there but many have crazy things my kids just won’t eat! (I mean, who sends their kid to school with hummus or feta stuffed mushrooms?!)

I wanted to share a good resource list of school snacks, lunch ideas, and classroom party treats that are NUT FREE that is EASY to keep up with and make! Thankfully my two older children have gotten great at reading labels and understanding what they can and can’t bring but it’s always a good idea to double check everything! If you search on Amazon for “nut free” you’ll find all sorts of items but most of them of course are a little pricier. Let me know if you have an idea to add to the list!

Nut Free School Lunches, Snacks Classroom Party*Always check packaging labels for nut ingredients!

NUT FREE Peanut Butter Substitutes:

Wowbutter – this is what I use (also gluten, dairy & egg free)
Don’t Go Nuts Soy Butter
Sunbutter Sunflower Seed Spread

Nut Free School Lunch Ideas:

Deli meat sandwiches
Chicken / Turkey Wraps
Grilled Cheese
Grilled Chicken
Meatball Sandwiches
Hot Dogs
Chicken Nuggets
Soup with Crackers
Stir Fry (double check any ingredients & seasonings added!!)
Potstickers (double check ingredients!)
(some) cereal

Oatmeal for Nut Free School Lunches, Snacks Classroom Party

Nut Free School Snack Ideas:

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Energy Bites (also gluten free & dairy free)
Homemade Cheese Crackers
Hard Boiled Eggs
Fresh Produce (veggies, bananas, apples, oranges, berries, etc.)
Popcorn (plain)
Soft Pretzels
Yogurt / Yogurt Tubes
Goldfish Crackers
Cheese Sticks / Cubes
Fruit Leather
this Nut Free Trail Mix

bowl of popcorn for Nut Free School Lunches, Snacks Classroom Party

Nut Free Classroom Party Treat Ideas:

Airheads (also gluten free & dairy free)
Smarties (also gluten free & dairy free)
Homemade (from scratch) Brownies
Rice Krispy Treats
Ice Cream (double check packaging!)
Nut Free Puppy Chow / Muddy Buddies

These ideas are all simple and many can be used as dinner leftovers from the night before! I try to make dinners with school lunch in mind for leftovers! We use a lot of those Thermos Funtainers or other containers that hold in heat to keep the kid’s food warm for lunch. One of my kids also gets use of a microwave which makes life a lot easier too!

Pick Up these Nut FREE Classroom Party Prizes:

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  1. Rach Ferrucci says:

    The lists are great to keep on hand! So many kids are allergic to nuts and it can be stressful trying to think of things that are different.

    1. Crystal @ Surviving a Teacher's Salary says:

      It absolutely can! It was a big adjustment for me when we started this school year!

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