Leaf Rubbings

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Leaf Rubbings are so fun to make, and you can really take this lesson as far as you want to teach it depending on the child’s age! Now that things are starting to warm up outside (or for Florida- it has been warm for a while now!!) head outside and grab some leaves. Make sure to encourage your child to get different types of leaves so they can study different rubbings!
Once you have collected your leaves grab some paper- even printer paper is perfect! Place the leaves underneath the paper. Lay your crayons down flat on their sides (make sure there is no paper on them!), and drag your crayon across the paper with the leaf under it. The outline of the leaf and veins should start showing through!
Observe the different vein patterns in the leaves- what are they there for? What types of trees produced the leaves that your children brought inside? Is the leaf short and fat, long and skinny, pointy, rounded? You can even take your extra leaves and glue them together to make a collage as well!

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