Teaching Appreciation – Writing Thank You Letters

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A great way to teach your kids how to appreciate someone, is to sit down and teach them how to write a thank you letter. Make sure you have paper and pencils/pens, or even stamps too! Not sure where to start or who to write to? It could be as simple as the following:
Dear _______,
Thank you for your hard work in _________.

Make it more specific depending on who you’re writing. Why not try writing thank you letters to your librarian, local fire station, principal, custodian, grandparents, teacher, police station, mail carrier, or anyone else you can think of?
Teach your children to be thoughtful, and not to forget the ‘behind the scenes’ citizens who don’t always get proper appreciation!

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  1. Diane and Chad says:

    totally agree! Check my Dec. 30th post..under checklists…sooo important!

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