KidCarpet Quality Classroom Rug Review

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I was not compensated for this review. I received a rug. All opinions are 100% my own.

 If you are a teacher or daycare worked – especially of younger kids, you may have a Classroom Rug on your “wishlist” but just can’t afford the $500+ that these rugs tend to run. Trust me – I had my eye out on a good sale on classroom rugs for 3 years and didn’t find anything that we could afford – certainly not on our salary! But recently I learned about a new place –

I was contacted by KidCarpet and offered the opportunity to not only review one of their rugs but also to give away one to my readers! Their Factory Direct classroom rugs (7’6″‘x12’) are just $279.99 + FREE shipping! AND some of the rugs come in 3-4 days – talk about SUPER quick! You know that’s a fantastic deal if you’ve looked at classroom rugs before! Rugs are MADE IN THE USA!

saving money classroom rug

We have a brand new kindergarten teacher at our school this year and so I let her choose which rug I would review and told her that she could keep it for her classroom. OH my goodness she was SO excited! There are TONS and TONS of rugs to choose from! From just one color, multicolored, numbers, letters, shapes, geography, bible rugs, multicultural, art, road maps, animals – there are TONS to choose from.

The ones above are just a FEW of the ones that has to offer! They even have bilingual rugs! You can search their rugs by ones that ship in 3-4 days, Montessori, Religious, Square or Oval, and many other options. Our kindergarten teacher chose the Colorful Shapes Rug with Bright Colors and I felt like I had JUST ordered it when it showed up on my doorstep!

My husband let me know the rug had come and I couldn’t believe it was so quick! It was rolled up tightly and delivered inside a tight plastic packaging which was good because it gets VERY dusty where we live on those delivery trucks! We immediately grabbed the rug and walked over to the school with it to give it to the teacher.

bright colorful shapes classroom rug

Isn’t it gorgeous?! Beautifully bright for young kids! The teacher literally squealed – she was just SO excited to get it. This rug REALLY stands out in the classroom and just looks absolutely fantastic. There were some fuzzies on the carpet after we rolled it out but a quick vacuum cleaned it right up.

It’s 8’x12′ and although I knew it would be pretty big I was still amazed at home much area it covered in the classroom! We had to rearrange the area (twice!) to find the best fit because we didn’t want any other furniture sitting on it. The quality of the rug seems really nice and for the price you can’t beat it! I’ll update my post at the end of the school year after the kids have used it for a year to let you know how the rug held up!

The company is the only store in the country that actually ones their own carpet mill which is how they keep their prices so competitive. It’s also fire rated for commercial use.

boy sitting on classroom rug

Our students don’t start school until next week so I had to bribe my boys to sit in for a photo! 🙂 My son will be in preschool next year but I am already looking forward to him being able to use this rug when he goes to kindergarten! As you know we have a very small country school and all of the teachers and volunteers have already been coming by and check out the much-talked-about rug!

I really like that even though it’s a VERY brightly colored rug the rug overall is dark and will show less “wear” and dirt than a light colored rug. The carpet itself is plush enough to feel soft but tight enough not to collect gunky chunks of who knows what in it. (Yep – I know how kids are!) It is mold, bacteria, and stain resistant. And it’s Scotchguarded!

Overall – VERY pleased with this rug. It is definitely worth the price and would make a fantastic addition to a classroom, daycare, playroom, or even Sunday School room. The shipping was lightning fast which is great if you’ve waited last minute looking for a rug! I LOVE that the website is very easy to look through and categorized in so many different ways so that you can easily find what you want.

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  1. Courtney Leier says:

    Love these! Thanks for sharing. Great giveaway!

  2. Tricia Pace says:

    Would love a new carpet for my new room. Our school just remodeled our school and a new carpet would be so great! I teach first grade. =)

  3. Courtney Leier says:

    I would love the one above with the shapes in the middle! Very unique!

  4. This would be amazing to win! I teach kindergarten in a small rural school in Michigan. Currently I have a small light brown plain rug that doesn’t fit my whole class. 🙁 With our budget down to basic supplies, this would be my chance to get a learning rug!!!!

  5. Amber Edwards says:

    I am in love with that rug! It is stunningly bright and vivid colors and perfect for a classroom setting. I’d love one of those in my daughter’s preschool room, but also one in our kids craft area! I don’t teach in a classroom, but I do some homeschooling things with my preschool aged daughter.

  6. Melanie Miday-Stern says:

    I love the Ocean Friends, Fish in the Sea, or the Solid Royal Blue or Lt Blue rugs. I teach 5th grade and my kids still love getting on the floor to do work or hear me read aloud. Rugs are expensive and since NC’s General Assembly has cut a lot of supply funding, my school wouldn’t be able to afford a rug for my classroom.

  7. Melanie Miday-Stern says:

    I love the Ocean Friends, Fish in the Sea, or the Solid Royal Blue or Lt Blue rugs. I teach 5th grade and my kids still love getting on the floor to do work or hear me read aloud. Rugs are expensive and since NC’s General Assembly has cut a lot of supply funding, my school wouldn’t be able to afford a rug for my classroom. I’m doing a Beach theme so the ones I listed would fit right in!

  8. What a beautiful rug and a great opportunity to win one!!! 🙂

  9. Joanne M. says:

    The God is Love rug would be perfect for my new classroom! Gorgeous and meaningful!

  10. Cherese Smith says:

    8th grade history teacher. I would love the globe rug.

  11. Joanne M. says:

    I will have my own classroom for the first time this year. I will be teaching 4th grade and I really want to create a warm and inviting environment for my students. Creating a comfortable place for students to read or work together would be ideal, and a rug from KidCarpet would certainly help me to do that. Thank you for the opportunity!

  12. Carole Saysanith says:

    I would love the World Character Classroom Rug, 6’x8’6′ Rectangle. ( FE801-34A). It’s so beautiful and my firsties and I would love it!

  13. Carole Saysanith says:

    I would love the 6’x8’6″ World Character Classroom Rug ( item FE801-34A) for my classroom. This rug would be a great inviting place to meet for my firsties.

  14. I would love to win to donate this to my children’s school. Although I teach older kids, I think the elementary would appreciate this!!

  15. I like the kid’s game rug, but I think I would let the teacher pick. 🙂

  16. Amy Maute says:

    I’d love the colorful 30 squares rug!! It’s great for keeping everyone in their own space!

    1. Amy Maute says:

      I’d love a new rug in my classroom! We have wall to wall carpeting that is very old and I’d love something to put over the rug for the kids to sit on. I do most of my teaching from the meeting area so it would be well used and loved!

  17. Jenetta Penner says:

    All In A Row Letter Rug

  18. Jenetta Penner says:

    I would love to donate to my kids school!

  19. PinchingAbe says:

    I liked the State Maps rug. Kids are so lacking in geography! Plus, they will learn geography is a vibrant and very visual way!

  20. Friends Together Friendship Rug

  21. Heather McD says:

    I would love one of those rugs! My oldest would love the solar system one because he is all about space these days.

  22. Kim Wheeler says:

    Love this!!! I have a sports theme classroom. I have taught lovely 4th graders for 13 years and love every minute of it! I would love to add a football carpet or baseball carpet to my classroom. I would love to know more about the football wall to wall carpet as well. That would be so cool in my classroom! My carpet is very old with rips and tears and stains. It has been very loved for many many years!

    1. And I can say she is an AWESOME teacher!!!! She has taught 3 out of 4 of my kiddos!!

  23. Diane Keller says:

    I had a really hard time choosing a rug! I would have to say that either the Letter Seating Rug or the Animal Squares School Rug – such hard choices! I teach Kindergarten and would absolutely love a new rug for my classroom. The rug I have now is old, has stains on it, and doesn’t have “blocked areas” like both of the rugs that I choose that would allow students to have their own spot to sit in. Thank you for the opportunity!

  24. I have always wanted a rug for our daycare. I love the campsite and the stepping stone rugs…what a great addition to our play room and our dramatic play time a rug would be.

  25. I’m not a teacher, but this would be great in our playroom!

  26. Colleen F says:

    I want to win for my 4th grade classroom, because they are still kids!

  27. Colleen F says:

    I’d love to win the Kids Game Rug, it would come in handy on cold indoor recess days!

  28. I would love to win the Colorful Shapes Rug With BRIGHT Colors rug. I am opening up a new classroom in title 1 school for students in k-2 with autism. This would be perfect to help them see clearly defined space where they can sit, and help really create a fantastic area for circle time, library time, story time, and just about any time. It would really help make the classroom!

  29. i really like the carpet you chose- really nice size!! i like the one that has the picture and the upper/lowercase letters all throughout- super fun. our prek class just moved to a new room and i’m going to text the teacher to see if she has a nice rug- if not, i’ll be back to enter!!

  30. Allison Kelly says:

    I want to win because I just moved into a new (to me) classroom and the floor is a MESS!!! I’d love to cover it up with a beautiful rug! Thank you for giving me the chance to do that! 🙂

  31. Allison Kelly says:

    Oh my gosh, there are SO many gorgeous rugs to choose from!!!! I THINK the best one for my second graders would be the ABC Rainbow Seating Rug. I would LOVE to win it!!! Thank you for the chance!!! 🙂

  32. My classroom theme is owls, so any of the rugs with owls on it would be awesome.

  33. Heidi Dawson says:

    I really love the Alphabet Seating Rug! My classroom carpet is getting pretty old, so this would really spruce things up! It would also give assigned spots to the students! What nice carpets!

  34. I would love to win a rug for my 3rd graders!

  35. Sue Fromm says:

    One of the road rugs would be fantastic in our block area !!!

  36. eileen marie says:

    I would love to win the All Around the World Rug!

  37. eileen marie says:

    I know I am fortunate to even have a rug, especially since its such an integral part of our classroom. We have classroom meetings there, religion circle, & it’s a privilege to be picked to read on the rug during independent reading time. However, our radiator broke & leaked, & now my 4th graders do not want to sit on the “stinky” rug anymore. :/ I miss it, but I’ve tried everything to bring it back to life.

  38. I love that rug. I have two small ones but the kids never know where to sit. It would be great to say sit on the triangle..etc.

  39. I am a teacher, but not in a classroom right now. I would love to get this to donate to the school that my children go to. No doubt my son’s first grade teacher could use something new for her room.

  40. Hoot Hoot Owl or On The Go Kids

  41. I would love to win because I don’t have a carpet in my Block/Circle Time area. I teach VPK and have 16 children in my room.

  42. There were so many beautiful rugs it will be hard to choose should I win. I was drawn to the alphabet rugs and the butterfly rug.

  43. I would LOVE to win this rug as I am moving to a new classroom in the fall. Our school has had a growth spurt and we have had to change the STEM room into a classroom. So we are starting from scratch. It would be great to have something beautiful on the floor for the first day.

  44. All the rugs are great but I would probably pick the United States or continents. They have shortened the social studies teaching time so every little bit helps.

  45. I teach 5th grade, all subjects. My five year old thin carpet is in shreds. I need to create a new cozy corner.

  46. Lori Archer says:

    I would love the Kids Game Rug. The rug could be used for so many different things!!!I would love to win because I am starting over this year in a new school and grade (pre-k) after four years in first grade.

  47. Prudence Hanly says:

    I teach kindergarten in a Title One school. I would be happy to have any of the rugs that were on the site. All of them would add great color and excitement to our home away from home!

  48. Super cool, I love the oval map one! I can see how any teacher or even mom could use one of these in a playspace

  49. I would love the colorful letters alphabet rug! It would be perfect in my Kindergarten classroom!

  50. I would love the art one for my kiddos. That tile floor is cold! 😉

  51. Nancy Sal says:

    Wow, I love these new patterns and the vibrant colors. I would love to have one of these in my class, or even for my kids’ playroom.

  52. I like the Bible Sunday School Rug with ABCs and the God is Love Rug! Either would be great for our church Sunday School/ Nursery!

  53. Oh, I LOVE the God is Love rug.

  54. I have a small class of kids in 1st -6th grade and we need a rug to gather on.

  55. I like the God is Love rug

  56. I would love to win to use in our school. This would mean so much to our students

  57. I teach 2nd grade in an inner-city title 1 school. My classroom rug is old, ripped, and moldy. Really disgusting. I would absolutely love to have a new one for the kids to sit on!

  58. I would love the ABC dots or Kid-tastic purple rug!

  59. I would love the ABC Dots School rug! I have up to 31 kids and only have a small carpet remnant that is stained, falling apart, and doesn’t fit all the kids. Many of my third graders end up sitting on the dirty floor! The ABC Dots School Rug would brighten up my classroom and give every kid a clean, comfortable place to sit.

  60. wow! so many to choose from! probably my favorite is the Our Town rug.

  61. I work with the children’s ministry at my church. I also think this would be great for a play room at home.

  62. Olivia M. says:

    I would love the butterfly rug. The colors are perfect for my classroom.

  63. Olivia M. says:

    I am teaching at a small charter school. Its a great school, but funding is tight. I would love my urban kids to have a great rug to sit on and fall in love with a great book. I teach K-2! I would choose the butterfly rug because it fits for all ages.

  64. These rugs are awesome! I’d love to win it for my son’s Kindergarten teacher!

  65. I love the Charlie and Friends Alphabet rug

  66. I would love the rug with the world map. I teach 4th grade and have two small rugs pushed together in our meeting area and one of them smells really bad! This rug would be a blessing not only to me, but to 25 fantastic kiddos.

  67. I would love one of the Montessori rugs with a line, I can’t decide between the oval and the rectangle!

  68. I love the Animals In The Forest Children’s Rug.

  69. Allyson Bossie says:

    Wow that is an exceptional value!

  70. April Del Rio says:

    I would love the abc block rug. It would help my kids know where to sit during carpet time.

  71. Kimberly Schotz says:

    Wow! What a selection of beautiful rugs. It was difficult to choose but I think my favorite is the fish in the sea rug.

  72. April Del Rio says:

    I would love to have this for my students. They need a good comfy rug to sit on during carpet time and during silent reading.

  73. Kimberly Schotz says:

    If I were to win I would give this to my daughters classroom. The rug they have is drab.

  74. Allyson Bossie says:

    I am homeschooling my son this year for his first year of school, and I would put this in our homeschooling room

  75. What a wonderful way to learn! I just found out that I am going to be a grandmother. I would love to win a rug that shows the colors and different shapes.

  76. I would love to win one of the rugs for my soon-to-be-born grandchild. There could be so many educational opportunities to share with her or him.

  77. April Yedinak says:

    I like the Woodland Wonders Rug.

  78. April Yedinak says:

    I want to win because this would really brighten up my room. I teach 6th grade.

  79. These are brilliant! Would totally enter if I lived in the U.S.

  80. Rhonda P. says:

    Would love the Colorful Shapes Rug With BRIGHT Colors. Thank you for the opportunity!

  81. Rhonda P. says:

    I teach 3rd grade and would love the rug with the shapes. Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  82. Holly Neill says:

    I would love the Learn with Inchworm rug for our preschool teacher. I teach high school science but I know that the preschool teacher (who is amazing) would love this!

  83. I would love to have one with the alphabet and shapes.

  84. I would love to win because the one in my K classroom is not big enough for all my students.

  85. I really like the globe rug

  86. I want to win so our classroom will have a nice rug for the students

  87. This would be a great addition to my classroom! Wonderful place for the students to sit during morning meeting!

  88. Mary Lou Scalera says:

    Help! My old rug is 15 years old and the poor custodian cannot get it clean!! My kindergartners work and play so hard they deserve a new beautiful, clean, educational & fun carpet!! Thank You!!

  89. I would like the chairs classroom rug with 22 seats, great for morning meeting and circle time!

  90. Sheldon Jordan says:

    I teach 4th grade and I would like a rug as a meeting spot for my students during my Daily 5 Block and my Morning Meeting!

  91. Jillian Fletcher says:

    I would love to win the classroom creatures seating rug. It would go great with my monster themed kindergarten classroom.

  92. Linda Joyce says:

    I love the Sky’s the Limit Learning Rug! It is so bright and beautiful!! I know my kindergartners would be very excited to have this rug in our classroom.

  93. Jillian Fletcher says:

    I teach kindergarten and would love a rug like this because it’s so bright colorful and clean! I also love that it has numbered spots for my kindergarteners to sit on. This way each student has their own spot and they don’t have to fight!

  94. Rhonda Stanley says:

    My rug in my Kindergarten classroom is nine years old and looking its age. A new rug would be wonderful and greatly appreciated!!!!

  95. Kelly Beam Brown says:

    I would love to have the ABC Rainbow Seating Rug 24,

  96. Kelly Beam Brown says:

    I really need to win this rug. It would help my Kindergarten students know where their own space is! No more arguing over where they sit.

  97. Lori Williams says:

    I would love, love o win a rug! So many to choose from but love the World Character rug for 4th graders!

  98. Noel Cole says:

    I LOVE the Colorful Shapes Rug with Bright Colors! My kindergarten classroom has a piece of carpeting in it now that was being thrown away by a retiring teacher. It has been sat on by many young bottoms! It has the wear and tear to show for that too! The edges are frayed, and kids just love to grab onto the loose strings and PULL! Out comes more string! Needless to say, the sitting space has grown smaller over the years. A bright new carpet would be wonderful!

  99. Brandi Boyle says:

    I teach 2nd grade & use the carpet daily for!! Every year I have to buy a new carpet, because I can’t afford a really good one that would last. My school does not have the funds, so I have to buy it myself! I would be thrilled to get one of these fabulous carpets that would last many years!! … and they are gorgeous!!

  100. Cheryl R. says:

    I have looked at these for some time now, but still find them too expensive for me. I would love to win this one.

  101. Stephanie says:

    I would love to win a new rug for my kindergarteners!

  102. Stephanie says:

    I would love to win the elephant classroom seating rug. I love that my kiddos could have their own space and would always know where to sit! It would be perfect for my kinder kiddos. :]

  103. Debbie Welchert says:

    I love the rug Alphabet and Numbers Teaching Toddler Rug.

  104. Debbie Welchert says:

    I would love to win this rug for my grandson to sit and play on. He is now learning his numbers and letters and this would be a great way to teach him.

  105. I have some great friends who are teachers,& my Mom is a retired teacher. I would love to gift the carpet to one of my friends!:)

  106. I would really love to win the Kid’s games rug

  107. I would love to win this. This would be a great way to get kids up and moving and learning to work cooperatively

  108. Jessica Lukosavich says:

    I like the ones with the letters. This would help to give each child a designated spot on which to sit so there is no arguing over spots.

  109. Jessica Lukosavich says:

    I want to win because I will be teaching in a new school this year and have very few materials I’m bringing from my previous school so it will be like starting over from scratch.

  110. Janis Woods says:

    I would like to win the Outer Space Rug. I teach first grade and I need a classroom rug. they do not give them to first grade teachers at our school anymore. We do not have a meeting area in our classroom because we do not have a rug. thank you for having a great give-away.

  111. I would love to win the Owls rug. My classroom theme is all owls. I teach kindergarten and had to throw out the rug when I took over the room because it was falling apart.

  112. Rochel S. says:

    all of them? 😉 I really like the All In A Row Letter Rug

  113. I’m a first grade teacher currently trying to redo my classroom. I’d totally pick a big area rug for class meetings and whole group that is full of vibrant colors OTHER THAN the typical red/blue/green/yellow!

  114. I like the game rug

  115. I want to win this for our school

  116. I love the Butterfly one and the Shapes one!

  117. We homeschool and my daughter would love one of these in our classroom

  118. The kid’s game rug would be a wonderful rug to have

  119. My daughter’s classroom needs a new rug badly

  120. Wild Orchid says:

    I would love this rug–

  121. I love the state maps rug

  122. I want to win this because this will make our students so excited.

  123. Julie Rezash says:

    This would brighten up my warm classroom!!!!! Hot Hot Hot.

  124. Brenda Ramey says:

    I love the rainbow rug. But if I won I would let my daughters K teacher pick.

  125. Brenda Ramey says:

    I’m not teaching right now but would allow my daughters K teacher to pick out something.

  126. Patricia McKelvie says:

    I would love to win a rug for my classroom. I have an old “hand-me down” rug that was given to me by a fellow teacher. I would love a rug where every child has his or her own spot. My school district is in severe financial distress this year and I cannot ask my school to provide a rug for me. I would even buy one myself but the teachers in my district may even have their pay cut to help balance the deficit the district is in.

  127. Sandy Pence says:

    Love the Paisley rug!! Super cute!

  128. I homeschool my kids but I would use this for my preschool classroom at church/Awana . I love all of them!! I really like the globe.

  129. I love the Floors That Teach Round School Rug and think this is a great contest.

  130. I am the school secretary but would love to win this for the 2nd grade class my son is in. I think the teacher would love the addition and subtraction rug.

  131. A rainbow seating rug!

  132. Beth Pinkussohn says:

    I would love one of the oval rugs with letters or numbers or colors or shapes around it. I teach 3 yr olds in a preschool.

  133. Sandy Pence says:

    I could so use an adorable rug to brighten up my reading area! I teach 3rd grade this year and have quite a few struggling readers. I would use a nice carpet as my meeting area to work with groups!

  134. There are so many different greats options to chose from . Who can pick just one. The one I like the most I believe is Silly Seats Kids

  135. Kristina McCann says:

    A-B-Sea Turtles Children’s Rug would look great in my ocean themed kindergarten classroom!

  136. Angela Yorgey says:

    I would be thrilled with any rug but I like the ones with maps on them!

  137. Jenny Lloyd says:

    i would love to win this for my son’s CDC classroom (theirs is looking rough) grades K-3rd

  138. I would love the world map rug for our nursery at church!

  139. Jeanine C says:

    I love the Crayon Scribbles rug!!

  140. Jeanine C says:

    I would love to win a rug to donate to my son’s school.

  141. Jennifer Lusher says:

    I would like the Games That Teach Play Rug. Perfect for this homeschool mom!

  142. I would give my eye teeth for a Cartoon America rug for my classroom! 🙂

  143. Jennifer Lusher says:

    I would want to win because I am a homeschool mom and something like this would make our classroom awesome!!! I teach Pre K, Kindergarten, and Fifth grade 🙂

  144. …and I WANT to win because I’ve taught for 17 years and only had one new rug. I am looping with last year’s first grade class to second grade this year, and that Cartoon America rug would be a fantastic addition to our family.

  145. Jessica Todd says:

    I am a first year preschool teacher so this would be a wonderful addition to my current and many future classrooms to come!!

  146. I’d love the Ten Little Monkeys Rug for the 1st grade classroom I volunteer in

  147. I’d love to win because the 1st grade classroom I volunteer in daily really needs a new rug, the teacher has a monkey theme going on and it would be great to give her something for the classroom, something nice the kids could use!

  148. Stefanie Freund says:

    I LOVE the colorful shapes rug! I teach a K-3 autism class. We do a socialization activity with colors & shapes every morning during calendar. It would be so awesome to have them sitting on this rug during this activity!

  149. I have 29 students in my 2nd grade class and this would help to make a great defined carpet time area.

  150. I would love the World Character Classroom Rug for my daughters teacher. She would love it! 🙂

  151. I like the “All in a Row Letter” rug. It would help let my students each have the same sized space to sit in.

  152. I have been a teacher in a Title One school for 6 years and have never been blessed with a rug 🙁 My students this year would really love to have a rug to cozy up on while I am reading to them!

  153. Lisa Braun says:

    Budgets are tight so winning a rug would be so great!!! I ordered a rug through KidCarpet a few years ago with money I earned through fundraising. I no longer work at that school so I am happy to see an opportunity to have another fantastic rug. I would LOVE to win the I Know Shapes rug. The darker colors should hold up great with the 2 year olds that I teach!

  154. Would love to win for my sister who teaches 1st grade!

  155. I really like the Sky’s the Limit rug. It would look great in the classroom I work in!

  156. I would like to win this rug for the special needs classroom I am an aide in. The kids would love it and we use a lot of hands on learning and this would give them a great place to work.

  157. My kids would love the “Our Town” rug. There are so many that I just love, but with a small classroom, the road type rugs are great because they multitask for rug time & play time.

  158. Carrie Martinet says:

    I’d like the Ocean Friends rug. Great scheme!

  159. I teach in a small Christian school and we are on a very limited budget. Our school operates out of the basement of a local church, so we love having lots of color and texture to brighten everything up. (I’m the lucky teacher who got the only classroom with windows, this year!)

  160. I would love the pattern rug for my special education classroom. It is bright and colorful and would help with giving each child their space.

  161. Carrie Martinet says:

    i’d love to win this for our cooperative preschool!

  162. CE Cowart says:

    I would so love God is Love Rug (FE765-44A) for my 1st grade Sunday school class.

  163. Mrs Montalvo says:

    I’m teaching 3rd grade for the first time and am coming from 5 th grade. These little ones need a rug for morning meeting and to teach interventions. I find it easier to get down on the rug with the children and teach the intervention. I have 3 boys and can’t afford to buy a rug for my class. I teach in an urban school and the school has no money to purchase the rug. I have asked friends on Facebook to ask their friends if anyone has a rug the don’t use anymore to donate.

  164. There’s just too many great ones, not sure how to choose just one! This is a great giveaway thanks for doing this!

    1. I teach 6th grade very small school i teach everything… but my kiddos still love to hang out in the rug!

  165. Wendy Blundon says:

    I teach kindergarten and love the abc seating rug!

  166. Would love a classroom rug!!!

  167. jenna tomaszewski says:

    Kindergarten, these kids really need a specified spot

  168. i would love to win the driving road rug, so cute and multipurpose.

  169. i would love to win the driving road rug, so cute and multipurpose. I would love to win it for my sons classroom.

  170. jenna tomaszewski says:

    I loved the star rug

  171. Heather Dailey says:

    I like the turtle circle time rug.

  172. I would love to win this for my grandson!

  173. Heather Dailey says:

    It would be great in my first grade class and our theme.

  174. My daughter’s 1st grade class would surely enjoy a rug!~ Thanks!~

  175. janetta ellis says:

    I would love to win because the school my 3 1/2 year old will go to in 7 days has a big heart , but a very small budget for anything. They do with a lot of volunteered items, and his teacher would love a new circle time rug.

  176. i’m trying to convert my room to a more natural feel….by using natural baskets instead of plastic bins, by using neutral colors on my bulletin boards, etc…so i’d really like to get the Colorful Shapes Rug With EARTH TONE Colors to replace my very bright (not to mention extremely stained) circle time carpet! fingers crossed!

  177. i would like to win because i am a preschool teacher who works at a private non-profit school and therefore there is no budget to get new carpets to replace the old, stained ones we currently use. i’m trying to create a natural, calm space for my room (instead of the usual bright colors) and this would go a long way in helping to enhance my classrooms atmosphere.

  178. I would love to win one of these rugs!! especially the Art rug. 🙂

  179. I would love the Floors That Teach Round (FTT8RND)! I work with primary ESL students who would benefit from some kinesthetic activities using this rug!

  180. Map rug please!

  181. Michelle B says:

    I would love to win this so I could give it to my friend who teaches first grade.

  182. I want to win,so that I can donate the rug to a very deserving teacher!

  183. Miranda Welle says:

    Wow. ALL of them! LOL. I really like the All Around the World Alphabet Rug though!

  184. Miranda Welle says:

    I would love to win because we homeschool our children. Currently we have 4 ages 8 and under and hoping to have more. 🙂

  185. I love the kids game rug!

  186. I love the rug shown! I need one so bad!

  187. JULIA NOLD says:

    Classroom Seating Rug With 36 Squares SOFT

  188. JULIA NOLD says:

    I would love to win because then each child would have their own “space” to sit in @ circle time. I am a preschooler and we have kids from 2-5 in our room (BIG age spread). It would help the littles to have their own spot to sit on, while helping our olders learn their numbers!

    1. Kristin Perez says:

      Definitely would love the color burst carpet!

    2. Kristin Perez says:

      Definitely would love the color burst carpet!

  189. Sharp As A Tack says:

    We own a cognitive development company based on screen-free game play for families, teachers of K-12, home schoolers, therapists, parents of kids with special needs and caregivers of dementia, alzheimer’s and traumatic brain injury patients. We LOVE teachers! Winning would be awesome! Thanks!

  190. I would love to win this because students need their own space and I am learning that after trying to make my classroom matchy-match with black and white polka dot rugs….not working. My fabulous firsties are all over each other. 🙁 I would love which is the Blocks Seating Rug With 24 Squares. Each child would have their own square and space, but it isn’t so huge it takes desk space from the room. The colors are rich, without being too much. I just love it!

  191. I teach first grade in a school for 100% military children. We have a high mobility rate and I like to make students feel at home right away. Part of that is giving them their own space. They often are in transition housing while they are waiting on a housing list or for their goods to arrive. Well, they spend more waking hours with me during the school year than they do their own parents so having a space of their own is important. This means, even at carpet time. Whole group, partner activities, and even moments when independent work allows, the carpet is a go to. I tried to make the room aesthetically appealing for the students and this included inexpensive polka dot rugs from IKEA. It matches and makes the room POP, but the spots are too small and close together that the kids are on top of one another or fighting for their own spaces. Having this carpet would make all the difference! The 24 squares isn’t too big (like 36 square one is), but would give their own space and allow for me to still move a couple if necessary. Having choice in which square will make it fun, too. My first graders deserve it! I wish my pocketbook could provide it!

  192. Brigid OHara Koshko says:

    I teach 2 year olds and would love any of the alphabet rug or the We Are All Friends rug. Thank you!!

  193. Lora Goude says:

    It would be great to have a new, clean rug for my children this year! I have been teaching them yoga and they love it…more space to move would be wonderful! I love the color block rug with the 30 spaces! Thanks so much!!! Awesome rugs!!!

  194. Brigid OHara Koshko says:

    I teach preschool to a class of twelve 2 year olds twice a week, music class for 16 month olds to almost 6 year olds twice a week. Our school’s materials are limited but good. Unfortunately, we had a HUGE budget cut and we are not able to replace any big ticket items like our rugs. The rugs we have are a decent shape but getting very worn and it would be nice to have a beautiful new rug for the children to sit on and enjoy

  195. I would love to win.

  196. I am a future teacher and will be graduating soon. I am starting to collect things for my classroom because I want to have the best environment for my students. I think one of these rugs will help to do so. Any rug will be fabulous!

  197. Lee Haywood says:

    Am an elementary Art teacher and have been looking for an Art rug with a pallette…absolutely loves these!!! 🙂 -Lee

  198. Deb Wilson says:

    Would love the rug pictured above!

  199. Elise Simmons says:

    My husband teaches and I am sure that there would be a place in his classroom for one of these if I won.

  200. Sylvia Torres says:

    I am wondering how this rug held up for the last 2 years? I am thinking about ordering it. Can you give an update?

    1. Hi Sylvia! Absolutely! It has lived in our kindergarten classroom since this review (and is still there today!) and other than us spilling and staining it it has held up like it was brand new! There’s NO fray on it and I’m really impressed with it!

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