Interactive Financial Digital Lab to Empower Youth

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Free Interactive Financial Digital Lab to Empower Youth

Happy Financial Literacy month! Although to be quite honest it’s always time to learn about financial topics here in my house – regardless of whether my kids are 3 or 30! It’s SUCH an important topic and it’s never too early to impress good financial habits on our youth. That’s why we’ve chosen to collaborate on this post featuring the Earn Your Future Digital Lab which is an interactive curricula designed to empower our youth with financial and economic knowledge.

Once I went through several of the modules I was immediately hooked. And as soon as I showed my husband he immediately requested the URL and is signing up for his students. I wish I had access to this program when I was in middle and high school!

Just last week my 4th grader took a field trip to the local grocery store. Every child had a set amount of cash and they were required to purchase a specific item(s) in their budget while factoring in taxes too. It was a fabulous learning opportunity and kids are never too young to learn how to handle money! You can bet his teacher will be signing up for these modules when they are available!

Interactive Financial Digital Lab to Empower Youth

The Earn Your Future Digital Lab is a comprehensive financial program geared for students in grades 3-12 through self-paced modules. You can sign up here to view the materials. Each innovative module features custom videos, animations, and interactive activities.

Educators have embedded student assessment tools with real-time feedback as well as Level Handbooks, and Module Planning and Resource Guides to help direct them. All content is aligned with the Council for Economic Educators standards. I LOVE how they have a wide variety of topics specifically geared towards different grade levels (elementary, middle, and high school although the elementary modules are coming in the fall).

How to Sign Up

(TIP: When you sign up these directions are also in your account dashboard!)

1. FIRST, sign up for a (free) account here and set your username and password.
2. After signing in set up a SEPARATE default password for your students.
3. Add or import students.
4. Create a class and add your students to your class.
5. Check out the available modules!

Interactive Financial Digital Lab to Empower Youth

 The first module I went through was absolutely fantastic and we’ll absolutely be using this interactive program at our school with our middle school students for now and with our elementary students in the fall! I chose to enjoy the interactive Mortgage Mystery – it was SO much better than I was expecting and not “dry” at all!
Not only is everything auditory but it’s also visual. At each step of the way there were little quizzes to complete to ensure you understood the information. It started the Mortgage Mystery by showcasing 3 different families who all wanted to purchase this house for the same amount – but each had different down payments, credit scores, and length of loans.
It even simply laid out the amortization schedule which I had NO CLUE about when we bought our first home! (I had never heard of such a thing and I can bet most high school students haven’t either!)
Interactive Financial Digital Lab to Empower Youth
It also taught how the principal would be paid down faster if you add just a little extra money onto the monthly payment along with a graph of how much money they would save over the lifetime of the mortgage! It definitely encouraged healthy and smart financial strategies.
I was incredibly impressed with the module. It was extremely simple to understand. Another really relevant module to many teens today was the “Can I Afford a Phone?” module.
I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend using this free financial digital lab from PwCCharitable Foundation. It is a phenomenal resource and one of the best I’ve seen yet! Feel free to pin this post so you can find it later and share with your teacher friends so they can help their students have a stronger grasp on important financial skills.

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