Honeywell’s Space Academy Program STILL open!

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Honeywell Educators at Space Academy is an incredible professional development experience and is open for teachers to apply! This 5-day program is sponsored by Honeywell and is for middle school math and science teachers from around the world to come and participate in 45 hours of intensive classroom, laboratory and training time, focusing on space science and space exploration. Teachers also take part in astronaut-style training and simulations, as well as activities designed to promote life-long learning in a classroom setting. All lessons and activities link to National Science and Math Standards and are ready to use in the classroom.

You will participate in two simulated Space Shuttle Missions. You can be the Pilot, Commander, Flight Director, or Mission Specialist, or a variety of other positions. Your team will work together to achieve the objectives of the mission, whether it is completing a satellite repair, or construction on the ISS. You may be responsible for solving a problem through experimentation or creating a solution with your teammates. The mission experience is realistic, exciting and challenging!

As part of the program, you will also simulate walking on the Moon and working in the frictionless environment of space on our Astronaut Simulators. Weather permitting we will spend an afternoon at Aviation Challenge simulating what it would be like to land in the water with a parachute or be rescued from the water by a helicopter.

You can find more information, photos, and apply here!

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