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If you were around here over the summer you remember that I headed out to San Diego for the BlogHer conference where thousands of bloggers and companies meet and collaborate! It was fantastic, amazing, and a MUST DO for next year! In fact I’ve already got my trip and reservations all set to go!
One of the companies that I met with was VSP Vision Care who I have been partnering with to promote their VSP Eye Pledge! Basically if you pledge (for FREE!) online they will donate vision care to a child in need through the Boys and Girls Club! It’s a great way not only to take care of your own eyes but also to help a child who can’t afford it!



VSP sent me these absolutely beautiful sunglasses as a special thank you which I appreciate!! I never have had good sunglasses but I feel they are very important in helping to protect your eyes! In fact it was interesting….the other day I was reading on a frugal blogger site where they promoted $300 sunglasses.
It may sound outrageous but in a sense she is right. Save up your money and get something that is good quality – it is not about the glasses but it is about protecting your eyes! It was a very interesting and thought-provoking post to say the least!
I have been wearing my new sunglasses everywhere!! Last year I started going once a year to get my eyes checked and you should too!! Plus I make sure that my oldest son gets his eyes checked every year. He has a condition called Marcus Gunn syndrome, also known as “jaw winking syndrome” where essentially a few brain nerves are crossed over and causes your eyelid to “wink” when sucking or chewing on something.
We hardly notice my son doing it anymore – it was MUCH more noticeable when he was a baby (he would wink every time he sucked on a bottle!!) but it does leave him at higher risk for vision problems.
I know many of you have mentioned that like me, you couldn’t see as a child and either didn’t know it, needed glasses, or couldn’t afford glasses! So make sure you stop by and take the VSP Eye Pledge – they are almost at 100%!! Let’s help them get the rest of the way there!

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