Green Thumb Classroom Greenhouse Review

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I have to admit to you, I have been eyeing this Green Thumb Classroom Greenhouse on Educational Insights for a very long time. Not for my husband’s school, not even for a classroom – but for myself! I have been DYING to have this greenhouse so I was absolutely PSYCHED when Educational Insights agreed to let me review it! I was shocked at how big the box was that it came in. I’ve seen the photo of it online but I wasn’t expecting the greenhouse to be SO big! It was SOOOO incredibly easy to put this together. I didn’t need any screwdrivers or tools and it literally took just about 3 minutes to get it set up. It is a nice metal light-weight frame, wire shelves with a metal support bar underneath, and comes with a plastic covering that you can zip/unzip for your plants.

We put it right inside the kindergarten classroom where there were seedlings planted inside of ice cube trays. (a frugal planting idea!) As you can see the class’s 3 little trays had MORE than enough room – in fact I’m guessing you could have fit at LEAST 10 trays on just the top shelf! The bottom shelf is being used for storage of extra soil, pots, a spray bottle and a small shovel. I love that everything you need can be contained in one spot. The front panel has a zipper on both sides so that you can roll up the vinyl cover and tie it in one spot. It stays put very nicely!

There is a string inside the cover and outside the cover and you just tie it together to keep the vinyl cover up! Super simple!

Here’s a more close up photo for you to see how roomy it is!

Plus it blends in very well with the classroom! As you can see above the greenhouse is about the same size as the classroom window!! This will be great for the class so they can plant their seedlings even in the winter time!!  I wanted to see some big plants in the greenhouse just to see sizing wise how it would work at home (because I KNOW I will be stealing I mean taking it home over the winter months to get my veggie plants ready for spring. It stood just taller than my deck did.

And it holds my big pots easily! Your tallest plants can go on the top shelf as there is extra room up there in the top. I had a tomato plant in there that was a good foot an half high or so from top to bottom before I had to move it out. This would be great too for permanently growing greens such as lettuce or cabbage with the right sized pot. It got really chilly here (in the 30’s) several nights so I zipped down the front cover to my plants. Life kind of got in the way and I totally forgot to check on them until about a week later and they were still doing great! I noticed that I had to water a LOT less with the flap closed and my plants grew quickly this way so I just kept the flap closed unless I needed to water!

Know someone who LOVES gardening? Want this for your classroom? Doing a homeschool lesson on plants? Enter to win your OWN Green Thumb Classroom Greenhouse thanks to Educational Insights!

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Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I received the above product in order to use and form my own opinions. All opinions are my own. I Blog With Integrity. Giveaway is open to US only and will end at 12:01 am est October 13, 2012. Winner will have 48 hours to claim prize.

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  1. My third graders plant seeds each spring and I always end up with one of my tables covered in seedlings… This would be perfect in my classroom!

  2. Gloria Wilson says:

    If I won this, I would use it in our school. This product would really help students understand how things grow.

  3. I would use it for our homeschooling and teach the kids about plants.

  4. Debbie Jackson says:

    I would take it to my classroom at school
    pin as jacksondeb
    debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  5. Diane Zurlo Keller says:

    This would be great for my Kindergarten classroom. We would be able to plant our own flowers for Mother’s Day and study the life cycle of a plant!

  6. I would use it with my students.

  7. Maria healy says:

    I am a 3rd grade teacher. We have a food chains and webs science unit in our science curriculum. MY class builds terrariums with plants and anoles. This would help the growth of the plants and be a nice viewing area for the terrariums since it gets cold on our windowsill!Would love it!

  8. Well, it might go o my preschool classroom for a gardening unit but it’s more likely to end up at my house for me to use. I really want one!

  9. This would be awesome for my 4th graders! We are learning about plants right now (and for the next month), specifically focusing on the plant life cycle and parts of a plant. They would LOVE this! 🙂

  10. I’d love to introduce planting to my little ones.

  11. Danielle Vacanti says:

    Having my own Greenhouse is something I’ve always dreamed of…this one would be perfect right now!

  12. How fun this would be for our classroom.

  13. Machell Duke says:

    I would use this for homeschooling my daughter.

  14. Cindy Merrill says:

    My daughter-in law home schools my three grandkids and also tutors the neighborhood kids too: This wonderful Greenhouse would be great to teach the kids about plants!

  15. Karen Medlin says:

    I would give to my son who teaches kindergarten for his class room

  16. We have a gardening club at school and I would give it to the Garden teacher

  17. MiaLynn Bennett says:

    I would love to introduce the plant cycle and plant parts to my niece and nephew who live in a large city and do not have access to a gardening area.

  18. If I win the greenhouse, I will donate to my childs classroom. They study plants this year and I’m sure the teacher would be happy to have it !!

  19. april yedinak says:

    I would use it for my kids to do some planting. Last year we planted some veggies in pots on our front porch and they were vandalized by local kids. At least this way we could plant indoors.

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