I’m at a "Surfer’s for Autism" event!

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Today my family and I are attending a Surfer’s for Autism event- I’m excited and nervous all at once! We have never attended an autism event before so I’m not sure how my oldest son will do with other autistic children! BUT he absolutely absolutely LOVES swimming! He is a total fish and he is psyched to be able to go surfing today! 
Surfers for Autism is a non profit group, that, well, you guessed it- takes autistic kids (and those with spectrum related disorders) surfing! They also provide the kids lunch, kayaking, paddle boarding, and it looks like a whole TON of other things. Like I said, I’m not sure what to expect but you know I’ll be writing a post about it later!! Surfers for Autism all started as a simple idea in 2007, and each single event is now helping 200 children at a time and raising up to $20,000! They tour all over Florida- you can follow them on Facebook here!

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