Getting Ready for Kindergarten with Dinosaur Train

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August is “Getting Ready for Kindergarten” month and some fun new Dinosaur Train products can help your child get excited for their first day of school! I was very excited to partner with the Dinosaur Train brand for a few new reviews in the excitement of my oldest son heading off to K-4 this year! I was sent four products to review, and the first you see above is the Color Wonders Dinosaur Train Coloring Pad. Most of us parents recognize Color Wonders immediately but if you don’t it is a true gift to parents! Children can “color” on this coloring pad with special Color Wonder markers that do not mark color on anything else except for the paper. Each marker is a new color which will only show on the special Color Wonders Coloring pad. That means no markers colored on their skin or on your walls!! You can find this new Dinosaur Train Color Wonders set at Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, Kmart, Kohl’s, and Meijers.

The next item we received was from the Mega Bloks line – which of course our family has lots of Mega Bloks in our house!! The special Buddy Mega Bloks toy comes with a bobble-head Buddy, a rolling cart, and a scenery block. This Buddy Mega Bloks set can be used interchangeable with other Mega Bloks sets as well as the new Mega Bloks “All Aboard the Dinosaur Train!” set! My son thought the bobble head on Buddy was so funny and as a parent I love that this Mega Bloks set can be used with my boys other Mega Bloks sets. My boys were able to play together as a team with their new Buddy cart and their Thomas Mega Bloks set that we already own.

We also received the Dinosaurs A to Z book by Andrea Posner-Sanchez from Golden Books. I was very impressed the quality and catching images in this book!! It is packed full of educational facts and tidbits from A to Z with your favorite Dinosaur Train characters! Very brightly colored and easy to read this book definitely caught my kids eyes right away! You will even meet new dinosaurs like the Zigongosaurus! My boys LOVED this book. We spent quite a while trying to say all of the dinosaur names, and reading about each one. The cover of the book is also padded and very durable! I REALLY liked this book and definitely recommend it for your dinosaur lover! 

The last item we were sent is a very necessary one for your child’s first year in school – clothes!! Starting in August and September Kohl’s and Kmart will be carrying a new Dinosaur Train clothes line! My son was so excited to be wearing his new dinosaur outfit that he actually asked if he could save it for his first day of school!! The clothes are very good quality and will hold up well even with my son’s rough play. It was definitely an outfit that I would have purchased on my own. 

Doesn’t he look handsome? 🙂 Overall we loved all of the products received! And not just me but my boys loved them all- even down to the new outfit! Dinosaur Train is an awesome educational show that I highly recommend for your kiddos!
Some Educational Dinosaur Train Activities for Your Kids:
Reading and Speaking
Fine Motor Skills
Gross Motor Skills
Size and Scale
Dinosaur Train, from the Jim Henson Company, is viewed in 13 million households every month! If you and your kids have not seen it I encourage you to watch it! You can find it on your local PBS station. It’s a very kid-friendly educational show that will teach you about all sorts of different dinosaurs in different time periods. You’ll learn their names, what they eat, and what they look like! 

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I did receive products to try in order to form my own opinions. All opinions are 100% mine.

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