DIY Patriotic Flip Flops Tutorial

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DIY Patriotic Flip Flops Fashion Tutorial

Anytime there is a patriotic holiday I feel the need to break out in red, white and blue everything! These incredibly easy DIY Patriotic Flip Flops can add some festive color to any flip flops you can get your hands on! It is time to get those toes ready for the summer season! For about $2 you can’t beat the price! Take a look below at how you can craft your own patriotic flip flops in just minutes, and just in time for summer.

DIY Patriotic Flip Flops Fashion Tutorial

Supplies needed:

Red/white/blue flip flops
Patriotic scarf
Hot glue, glue gun

We found everything we used here at our local Dollar Tree. You can choose from a variety of patriotic colors/patterns they have available to find a match that works for you.

DIY Patriotic Flip Flops Fashion Tutorial

1. Begin by cutting the patriotic scarf into thirds.
2. Take a section of the scarf and roll it up into a tube. This will make it easier to tie it into a bow.
3. Tie the fabric into a bow and trim off any excess fabric. This may take a few tries to get it into the bow shape you want. Just be patient and give it a few tries until you get the look.

DIY Patriotic Flip Flops Fashion Tutorial

4. Add a generous amount of glue to the back of the bow. Press it to the top/center of the flip flops. Hold it in place until secure. If you wish, you can tie the fabric directly onto the flip flops as well. This is an option if you don’t want them permanently glued.

Once the glue is dry, your patriotic flip flops are ready to be enjoyed! Give these a try and see how easy it can be to get in the spirit of red, white, and blue! Make sure you check out our Patriotic DIY Wreath Tutorial!

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