Birthday Party Ideas for Throwing a Popsicle Party

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This year my little guy turned 3 years old, and after he told me he wanted a popsicle themed birthday party. I quickly realized that there are not a lot of popsicle related crafts or birthday decor that I could find online! At least not in a frugal kid-friendly way! 🙂 Two days before my son’s birthday party I was also scheduled for major abdominal surgery so I needed his birthday party to be extremely low key for me! I pre-made just about everything except for the cake and it was SO simple!!

First I bought poster board in fun bright colors and just rounding the top edges to form large popsicle signs. I then took empty cardboard wrapping paper tubes and pinned them under the signs so that it looked like large popsicles!

Next I pinned up all of our toilet paper tube popsicles onto the walls! You can see my simple tutorial on how to make popsicles out of toilet paper tubes here.

The one thing I didn’t make the week before the party was our popsicle-shaped cake. I needed it to be extremely simple as I knew I would have a hard time getting around after the surgery. I simply used 2 boxes of cake mix in a 9 x 13 pan. Once the cake had cooked and cooled I simply used a knife to round off the top of the rectangle to make a popsicle shape as seen below.

I folded up the ends of a toilet paper tube left over from our popsicle crafts and stuck it into the bottom of the cake for the popsicle “stick”! Since I didn’t want a lot of food dyes & I forgot to get colored frosting anyways I just put sprinkles all over the cake! 🙂

After cake & present time we went out in the backyard to take a few swings out of our popsicle-shaped pinata! (See my tutorial on how to make a popsicle shaped pinata here.)

I seriously did not realize my cardboard pinata would hold up so well!! My husband had to take a few swings at it and it still barely made a dent!!

And then just to make sure the kids were busy they also did this fun & simple foam cupcake craft.

Of course we had tons of popsicles to eat! One of my fabulous readers had the awesome suggestion of freezing colored dyes into a block of ice with a popsicle stick and have the kids “paint” which I really wanted to do but just didn’t get the chance to.

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