A Delicious New Treat – Great for Parties & Classrooms!

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Have you guys seen the new Fun da-middles by Betty Crocker? Mmmm! I had the chance to try them out in June when I attended the Box Tops University at General Mills and there are a few things I really liked about them! One, is that they are less mess for kids! Instead of the frosting being on TOP of the cupcake – it is INSIDE the cupcake! A great idea for parties and classroom events when you have the potential for a whole lot of mess to clean up!! I also like that my son who has a soy allergy – can eat the chocolate flavor. This is one of the only cake mixes on the market that he can eat!!

Basically you whip up the batter, and spoon some of it into a cupcake paper.

The you squeeze the frosting in a nice little heap in the middle. And pour some more batter on top!

Bake it in the oven and what do you get? Delicious frosting filled cupcakes!!


Now, don’t laugh at my poorly distributed frosting seen below – it evidently takes a little bit of skill to make it look nicer! 🙂 But seriously, they were very easy to make and a nice idea for less mess with little fingers!!


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