Simple Ways to Make Your Busy Life Easier!

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As a mom, a teacher’s wife, a nanny, and a blogger I’m just not sure that life could be any busier than it is right now! I thought that I would get to relax and have a nice long empty summer since my husband is off work, and I am finding that between all of my kids appointments right now I’m almost never even home! I was thinking this afternoon about ways that I can consolidate my efforts and time and make my life a little easier.
 Here are ten things that I thought of.
Make a List
I am ALL about lists. I have lists for the grocery store, to do lists, chore lists, honey do lists, packing lists, all sorts of lists. I find that when I’m very busy my mind is so occupied thinking of everything else I totally forget many of the items that really needed to get done. Lists help me to organize my brain a little bit and physically see what I need to do instead of relying on my overloaded mind to remember it all.
Pre-Make Meals and Lunches
Although this still takes time, I have found if you pre-make your meals or lunches the night before it helps to conserve time the next day when you’re already on the run. Make your kids lunches the night before. Make your own lunches that you take to work the night before. If you buy a large box of food (such as raisins, cereal, etc.) break it all down and store it in individual small containers so that you can just grab them and go for a quick meal. It’s easier than spending a little bit of time every day pulling your snacks out. Don’t have time to make dinner? Pre-set up a crock pot in the morning or even the night before and cook your dinner throughout the day!
It’s OK to spend money sometimes and splurge. Sometimes while we’re out and busy I am so exhausted that I just don’t want to go home and make dinner for everyone. So I’ll grab the kids a $1.99 Happy Meal OR head to the grocery store on the way home for something healthier and buy extra food for the house. If you’re busy and stressed out even something that smells nice, or your favorite beverage could help you relax for a few moments. An occasional splurge, I believe, is a necessity for a busy mom!
Just Say NO!
I find that I have a very hard time saying no to people- which is sometimes why I am so busy in the first place! It’s OK to say NO!!
Make a Date Night
Whether you’re a mom, married, or single, make a date night with your kids, spouse, or just by yourself! If you don’t schedule it in on your calendar you may not ever have a break! We have specific dates that we say- NO work!! Then we spend the evening as a family or a couple without computers, phones, or any other distractions. It provides a much needed relief when you’re busy.
Stop Being So Picky
Before I had kids, we always had our laundry clean, our floors were spotless, and there were never dishes in our sink. Now that we’ve had kids, are floors are permanently food magnets, dirty laundry piles endlessly, and the sink may never be seen again. Although we are always trying to keep up with the housework- we have learned not to be so picky anymore. Our kids and our time with them is far more important than how clean we may or may not be able to keep our house.
Shop Online!
Especially when the holidays and birthdays come around, time is even more important, and shopping online for gifts has been a HUGE time saver for me! I can find even better discounts and have them shipped directly to the recipients doorstep! I pay less, and don’t even have to wrap it!
I have found that it’s quicker and easier to pull the kids clothes AND our clothes out the night before! It’s one less thing that you have to do in the morning when you’re running around.
Automatic Payments
In today’s era of technology I love automatic payments! If you have a bill that must be paid every month that will never be charged wrong- set it up on automatic payments! (such as your mortgage or utility bills!) Instead of getting all of my bills together separately every month many of them come out automatically.
Enlist Help
Although we don’t have family that lives close many people can rely on their parents to help with their kids. Ask your kids to help out- my four year old is a great helper! Teach your young ones early to help and let them know you expect it. The older they get the more you can delegate out to them. Sometimes even my husband needs to know that I need help and that I can’t keep up with all of it. Don’t be afraid to speak up!
Even though I can list out tons of little ways to help make life simpler, things still come up and overrun my busy schedule! I am constantly having to keep myself in check to make sure I’m practicing what I preach! I don’t want my kids to grow up remembering mom as this busy lady running around like crazy, I want them to remember me by how much I love them and how much fun we had together!
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  1. Great tips! I am such a list girl myself! And we have been known to hit McD's when the day has gotten ahead of us!

  2. Adelina Priddis says:

    I'm a huge fan of automatic payments!!

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