FREE Robot Coloring Sheet Pages for Kids

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My kids LOVE robots – what kid doesn’t?! I created 8 FREE robot coloring pages for kids that are sure to put a smile on their face! There are all sorts of different robots to choose from so kids can pick their own styles!  Just print the coloring pages below!

free robot printable coloring sheet pages for kids

These are even great to print for birthday parties and free center time activities! Make sure you follow our link below for tons of robot-themed craft and activity ideas as well as DIY robot party decor too! Please PIN this page, share it with your friends and spread the joy of robots!

8 robot coloring pages

If you have a child who hates coloring, there are a TON more things you can use these coloring pages for!


Sensory Activity Ideas Using these Robot Pages:

  • Have kids use puffy paint to strengthen hand muscles. 
  • Smear glue on the robots then pour salt over the top. You can then drop food coloring or “paint” on the salt with watered down colors. 
  • Print out and cut two of the same robot page then glue the blank sides together to make a two sided robot! 
  • Color craft materials to glue on top! For example, use pipe cleaners on robot arms and antennaes.
  • Place the robot inside a ziploc bag with several squirts of paint for a “mess free” paint experience.

PRINT HERE: 8 Robot Coloring Pages PDF


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More FUN Robot Activities for Kids:



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  1. im disabled and love your cute robots. im considering starting a small clothing line and would love to use these oh so cute images. what would you need to allow me to use these? you can private message me.

    thank you for your consideration.


  2. Teacher Help For Parents says:

    These are great! Thank you! 🙂

  3. Thank U 🙂 i love this

  4. I teach 9th grade English, and when I saw these robots coloring pages, I was inspired! I am starting a lesson this week on descriptive writing and will be using the robots as a starter for writing descriptive paragraphs. Each student will color a robot (as unique as possible). Then I will distribute the colored robots to the class, and students will write a descriptive paragraph about that picture. Then I will collect and read the paragraphs, and the students will chose which robot is being described! The students whose coloring page gets the most correct guesses will win candy! THANKS!

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