Walking in the Paint – A Sensory Experience

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Remember our Painting the Bullseye, Fling a Bean, and Obstacle Course activities from yesterday?  We also decided to have some sensory fun and dance in paint outside! Yep – it was a LOAD of fun!
First, I decided to make a textured washable paint to increase sensory stimulation so I used our Finger Paint Sensation Kit by Roylco – but you can use flour, cornstarch, or any other soft additive to mix into a pan of washable paint. I let my kids mix them together. Then we headed outside.
We have a nice long driveway to do this in so I lined our driveway with some paper from our art easel as well as a few pieces of cardboard boxes that I had torn apart.
Crank up some music for the kids to dance to – and let them step into the paint pan!!


You’ll have a blast just watching the kids! Hey – you might even try it yourself and have a little fun! 🙂



It can get a little slippery if there’s too much paint so be careful! Look how HAPPY my son is!! He had such an awesome time!


And evidently just walking on the paper wasn’t enough – he had to walk like a bear too!


I don’t think I’ve seen a much happier boy!
And if walking like a bear still wasn’t enough – he wanted to make knee prints too!!


SURE why not?? It’s washable! 🙂
After all of our fun we let the kids wash off the paint on the driveway – although it is washable so it will come off in the next rain! 🙂 So let your hair down a little and let your kids get messy – they will love it!!

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  1. Alicia C. says:

    When I lived in L.A. when my oldest was young, we did this all of the time – he sent his works of art to his grandma. She'd hang them as ever-changing murals on her living room wall!

    NOT doing this right now, though – it's 30 degrees outside and I don't think my kitchen could handle being hosed down – LOL. BUT, we'll definitely be doing this more often once the weather gets nice again!

  2. Alicia C. says:

    I forgot to add:
    Just after Christmas, go buy up as much wrapping paper as you can. Use the plain back of the paper for works of art, then just roll them back onto the tube for safe keeping. Just make sure to buy some of the thicker paper – the really inexpensive stuff can't hold up to being run on and the paint tend to weigh it down so it tears.

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