Fish Stix Game Review

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Fish Stix Review

Fish Stix is an award-winning visual strategy game for children (and adults!) of all ages made by Peaceable Kingdom. You don’t even need to know how to read in order to play this game! (a HUGE plus for younger children) Fish Stix helps children to increase their math skills by learning to strategically place their ‘fish stix’, and count their fish for points on their fish chart. Check out this video on how to play!


The game is set at ages 6-12 years old, but is so simple that even my 3 year old could easily play with me. He LOVED it and has been begging to play “the fish game”! This is a perfect game to add as a center in your classroom- no matter what age you teach. As you saw in the video- everyone gets a “fish chart” with “fish tokens”. The object of the game is to move your fish tokensย all the way across the chart- which you can do by getting points. How do you get points? You have to match the fish up to the ‘fish stix’ on the table. The fish MUST be the same EXACT fish, facing the same direction in order to lay down your ‘fish stix’.
What a great idea! The kids have to learn to be observant to not only find the same type and color of fish to match, but also to make sure that it is facing the correct direction. In addition to the spatial and strategic learning, the children also must learn to count the number of fish on the board, and then move their fish tokens on their fish chart appropriately. Peaceable Kingdom Press has a lot of really great educational products to offer!
I definitely recommend this game for all ages. This is a fun family game to play where your 6 year old can beat your 15 year old, and vice versa! This game is also a great gift for a teacher’s classroom too!
Check HERE for more details and to BUY Fish Stix!

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