Feeding our Zoo – A Family Fun Night #iLovemyK9

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Have you seen We Bought a Zoo? It’s a really great movie! (You can watch the trailer here.) I had seen the trailer but had not had the chance to watch it until we bought the movie yesterday at Walmart – it was only $14.96 which I was surprised at for a brand new movie! We really wanted to participate in this opportunity because we just love family fun nights and our house feels like a zoo….well, just about every day!

For our activity we bought “We Bought a Zoo” for hubby & I to watch at night, we bought treats for the cats & pig, and wanted to make an upside-down peach cobbler cake for the kids! So we headed to Walmart yesterday to load up on our supplies!

 We had heard that the Del Monte pet products (such as Kibble n’ Bits, Meow Mix, etc.) was supposed to have a $4 off coupon attached to them to use towards the purchase of “We Bought a Zoo” but we couldn’t find the coupon. As you can see though there was plenty of cat food! We were almost out anyways so we bought 2 bags. Plus we bought a few single Meow Mix food cups as treats for our 2 cats who very rarely get treats. Unfortunately Walmart didn’t have any pig treats though! Del Monte pet products are being featured in the Women’s World magazine as well as the Parade magazine. Plus their is a $.50 off coupon in the First for Women magazine for the Del Monte fruit cups!

We also decided that we wanted to make an upside-down peach cobbler cake but were on a pretty tight time crunch. This week my kids had 2 Easter parties plus my son’s birthday party that I was planning for so I wanted a really quick recipe. We used a box of pound cake mix that I had at home and grabbed a thing of Del Monte fruit cups. I settled on the Cinnamon & Brown sugar flavor! It was REALLY good! My kids loved it and my husband, well, his didn’t last long either!

You can see that my cats were thrilled to receive their treats! All I had to say was “tunafish” and they came running!!

My husband & I had a great date night at home watching “We Bought a Zoo”. It was a fantastic movie and we really enjoyed watching it. Even cooler is that it is based on a true story. The funny thing is that I can totally see our family doing something like that. If you haven’t seen the movie or watched the trailer the premise of the movie is that the main character’s wife has died and then he loses his job and his son gets kicked out of school all at once. In an effort to save his struggling family they move to try a fresh start, except that the property they fell in love with was literally a zoo. A run-down zoo! I loved it – especially Buster the bear! It’s an inspiring movie that shows the difference persistence and love can make – and how only 20 seconds of insane courage can change your life. If you haven’t seen it you should at least rent it to watch – it was worth seeing and I’m glad we own it now!

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  1. I haven’t heard of it before, but I’ll keep my eye out for it and rent it the next time we head into the video store 🙂

  2. April Decheine says:

    I am so excited to watch this tonight! Your son is adorable!!

  3. Thanks for the brief synopsis. I wanted to watch this movie but I don’t think the trailers did a good job of really selling it. This may be our family movie night this Saturday.

  4. LOL, your orange kitty looks like my jerk cat! So cute. Great post, thanks for sharing. And your son is just too cute.

  5. I do LOVE an easy recipe! and that pig…I’m going to have to show my boys this…they’re going to NEED one!

  6. Andrea Kruse says:

    Mmm… that Upsided down peach cobbler looks delicious! Great idea. Your little pig is adorable!

  7. Wow! A pig?! So cute! That’s brave, I don’t think I could handle a pig…although maybe it would be easier than my dog! lol
    So cute, love your recipe too!

  8. we really like We Bought A Zoo as well. it’s a good “feel good” story.

  9. Joan Cook says:

    I love the part about 20 seconds of insane courage… very inspiring! Cute pig!

  10. We got to watch We Bought a Zoo today! It was the first day of my son’s spring break. The peach cobbler cake sounds yummy!

  11. Not So Average Mama says:

    Fun recipe, I bet my Morgan would like to make that!

  12. simple and yummy! And it looks like the cats were excited about the Meow Mix!

  13. Juanita - Ahorrando Dólares says:

    My husband and I loved the movie.

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