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I had never heard of Boomwhackers until I saw the sale today on Mamapedia. They have a sale on a diatonic Boomwhacker set for $21 shipped. (look under the sale in Houston although it is good anywhere in the US) It is a similar concept of handbells, orchestra bells, or those pipe organ looking PVC pipes you can “play” at children’s museums. Each tube has a different pitch. It sure looks like an interesting way to introduct and experiment with music and kids. Has anyone used these before?

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  1. My parents have a set at their house and my girls love them (especially the 5 yo). Highly recommended!

  2. My degree is in music education, and when I was teaching we used these in elementary music classes. They're great! You can teach basic music concepts (and more advanced ones), they're affordable, and virtually indestructible! My kids are getting a set for Christmas. You can get them for less than mamapedia on Musician's Friend (www.musiciansfriend.com) and any order ships free through them!

  3. The Teachers Wife says:

    OH thanks for the tip Amber!

  4. Kat Fulton says:

    AWESOME that you guys/gals have discovered some of my favorite instruments: boomwhackers =) If you need free arrangements for pop songs, head over to my blog, click on "boomwhackers," and peruse through my selection of downloadable pdfs and enjoy the vids =)

    Boomies Unite!

  5. Jennifer - Mommy to 2 says:

    LOL. Good ole' boomwhackers. I should dust mine off and use them. It's been awhile.

    Kids will love anything they can bang or hit! 🙂

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